Wordy Wednesday

In which Chili gets all judgmental and self-righteous and shit.  You were warned.

SO.  I haven’t been paying very close attention to the whole David Patraeus mess.  To be honest  a) I really don’t care all that much about it and b) it doesn’t affect me at all and I have other things on my mind right now.  I feel like I’ve heard just enough to be confused over the whole sordid mess.

I was thinking in the shower this morning (well, I was showering, too, but admit it; a lot of good thinking gets done in the shower, doesn’t it?) trying to put into order all of the confusing twists of the story.  The other day, I learned that the military has a rule against adultery.  If you’re caught having sexual relationship with someone who is not your spouse (or with someone who has a spouse) you can be kicked out of the military and imprisoned for up to a year.

Huh.  So, apparently, the military feels strongly enough about decent, honorable behavior that it wrote into its laws that adultery is a no-no.  Who knew?

I’ve written before about when the personal becomes public (and if – and when – it should be an issue in whether or not someone loses his or her job).  I really have no opinion on whether or not Petraeus should have kept his position because I don’t know if he compromised his professional self in the affair.  I’m content to leave that determination to people whose job it is to determine such things.

Here’s what I DO know, though, and I know it good; people who have affairs are cowards.  They’re selfish and thoughtless and childish and cruel.  The betrayal – the conscious, deliberate betrayal – of someone who trusts you – someone you once promised fidelity – is, in my mind, despicable.  There’s no excuse for that behavior. None.  If you’re not mature and responsible and decent enough to end one relationship honorably before beginning a new one, then you deserve all the pain and shame that comes with adultery.  Plus a little more.



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3 responses to “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Anonymous

    I am in complete and total agreement with you.

  2. gerry rosser

    What are you trying to say?

  3. It appears that the government fears a person in his position might and could be black mailed by others who have knowledge of such actions. I am one that does not believe he should be fired or forced to resign. It is a matter between he and his family. If I were in such a relationship, I would be fired due to the religious nature of my school.

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