Quick Hit: Pin Testing

One win, one fail.

I made this for dinner last night:

I have to admit to liking KFC.  I know, I know; it’s awful and bad for me and very likely unethically produced.  I didn’t say I ate it all the time – in fact, I historically only ate there once or twice a year – but I do love the taste of original recipe.  I was excited, then, to find a copycat recipe and hoped that it would come close enough to keep me from my semiannual haj.

It was delicious; tender and juicy, and seasoned just enough (with my addition of a couple shakes each of garlic and onion salt).  It was easy, easy, too; one bowl for the milk I dipped the chicken breasts into and one casserole dish in the oven (the breading happened in a plastic bag).

This, however?  This didn’t work for me:

I got browned bits and raw bits, and ended up tipping the whole mass into a frying pan to finish them off properly.  I much prefer mostly crispy hash browns over somewhat crispy, somewhat tender hash browns.

The addition of a veggie medley of carrots, pea pods, onions, and mushrooms finished the meal.  It was yummy, and is sure to be added to the Chili dinner rotation.




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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Pin Testing

  1. Donna

    Sounds delicious Mrs. Chili!!! You are an awesome cook! Hope your classes are going great.

  2. It all sounds and looks yummy!

  3. L B

    Taters? not so much, chicken, on the table soon! Thanks.

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