Monday Meme

Boosted from the Sunday Stealing site.
1. The latest book or movie that made you cry?  This is kind of an unfair question right now.  I’m finding that my grandmother’s passing has left me raw and vulnerable, so I’m likely to well up at just about anything (not to break down, mind you, but there have been more than a few times these last couple of days where I’ve had to center and focus to keep it together).  A few scenes in Love, Actually got to me.

2. The fictional character most like you?  Huh.  I never thought of that.  …I don’t know; what do YOU think?

3. The greatest album, ever is:  Retrospective by the Indigo Girls.  Ask me in a week, though, and I will probably have a different answer.

4. Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?  I prefer Star Trek from The Next Generation forward, but the entire series was groundbreaking from the start.  The shows – all of them – dealt with important social and political issues in a way that was both startlingly forthright and gently unoffensive.  There’s a lot of fodder for thinking and discussion amidst all that camp.

5. Your ideal brain food?  Chocolate, of course!

6. Everyone is proud of a certain accomplishment, which one for you?  I am a good and true friend.  That skill transfers to my marriage, my parenting, and my professional life, too; it literally informs all I do.

7. You want to be remembered for …  being a genuinely good person.  Listening to my grandmother’s memorial, it occurred to me that the kinds of things she’s remembered for are the things I’m working on; generosity (of time, spirit, and material), loving kindness, steadfastness and reliability, and matter-of-fact, unvarnished humanity.

8. Let’s talk about recording artists. Whom do you find the most inspirational?  There are a lot of artists that I really like, but I don’t necessarily find inspiration from any of them.

9. What would you like to say to the President?  Hold fast, Mr. President.  You have the advantage here; hold the Republicans accountable, keep calling them out for their obstructionism and unworkable proposals, and forge ahead.  President Lincoln is quoted as saying, “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”  We’re counting on you.

10. Your hidden talents are…   “Hidden,” huh?  Well, let’s see; I know how to fold a fitted sheet; not many people know how to do that (or know that I do).  I’m good at untangling things – I can get a knot out of a delicate necklace or find the end of a skein of yarn; it might take me a while, but I eventually manage.  My timing also seems to be really good, though I’m not sure how much credit I can take for that; I just have an instinct that I need to reach out to someone, and invariably, it will be just when that person needs me.

Happy Monday, Everyone!



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5 responses to “Monday Meme

  1. Maybe everyone knows how to fold a fitted sheet but we’re all keeping it under wraps…

  2. I think you’re quite like Princess Merida from Brave, Mrs. Chili. She’s not a typical Disney princess, and you’re not a typical woman. You both possess something more; a spark just waiting to light a fire. Peace. (Also, I miss you.)

  3. Kizz, I wouldn’t presume to say that you DON’T know how to fold a fitted sheet, but whenever I mention to anyone that I can, they look at me like I’m magic.

    Ellen! I’ve messaged you privately; please check your email. I thought of Merida (there’s a striking resemblance, I’ll give you that), but I don’t think of myself as nearly so bold. I aspire to it, certainly, but I tend to back down too soon.

  4. It’s a world wide conspiracy to keep the folding of fitted sheets a mystery and you’re ruining it!!!!!

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