Ten Things Tuesday

In which I try to compile a list of ten things I want for Christmas….

1.  I want a really good quality kitchen mandolin.  The one I have is cheap plastic, and while it does the job, it’s neither durable, versatile, nor particularly user-friendly (which means that it can be dangerous… ask me how I know…).

image credit

2.  In the same vein, I’d like to have one of these for things (like carrots) that don’t fit in the hand guard of the slicer.

3.  I’m overly fond of this stuff, and buy it in ridiculous quantities a couple of times a year.  Given its expense, I wouldn’t mind having some gifted to me.

3.  I’ve had Ken Burns’ The Civil War on my wishlist for a few years now.  I also recently became aware that I do not own any of the Back to the Future films or Pretty in Pink.  How is that even possible?

4.  Chocolate; glorious, yummy chocolate.  The more, the better.

image credit

5.  My sister (she of the long-dormant blog) is a huge fan of Smartwool socks.  I think I want to try them to find out what all her adoration is about.  I like having warm piggies.

6.  I would like to have a set of these earbuds.  I listen to NPR on my morning walks, and I’d like to have earbuds that a) don’t make my ears hurt and b) stay in while I’m moving.  Auntie has these, too, and she thinks they’re cool.

7.  I love Stonewall Kitchen’s chocolate waffle mix (so much the better if there’s some sour cherry jam spread on them).  I’m also overly fond of their roasted garlic mustard, but not with the waffles; I like that stuff in sandwiches and as a component to my favorite homemade dressing recipe.

553312bimage credit

8.  I like sparkly things.


image credit

9.  Mr. Chili and I promised we’d get new towels and new cooking pans last year.  We managed the towels, and now we really need the pans:


image credit

10.  I know he’s going to give me crap for wanting one (because we don’t have a good track record with exercise equipment), but I’d like to have a treadmill.  I want to walk every day, and having a treadmill in the basement (so much the better if there’s a way to play DVDs down there while I’m at it) will make it easier for me to meet that goal.


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