Six Word Saturday, X2

My tenth annual Lesbian Christmas Party!  Beware!  Straight people in the kitchen!


(short ribs with potatoes and peas.  This was fewer than half the plates we sent out.  Oh, and there were soup and dessert courses, too…)



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4 responses to “Six Word Saturday, X2

  1. L B

    No seafood, right?

  2. No shellfish, right. There was a delicate white fish dish, but Mr. Chili handled that; I took on the short ribs!

  3. Everything looks great. Nice to see that your kitchen looks the same as mine after/during a dinner party.

  4. Thankfully, that’s not OUR kitchen; it’s the girls’. It’s our job to keep it looking good, and I think we do a pretty good job (though when there are twenty sets of three courses of dishes (plus goddess KNOWS how many drink glasses) that can be a bit of a challenge!

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