Ten Things Tuesday

The 2013 Edition.

2012 was not the year I was hoping for when I showed 2011 the door.  As a result, I’m really hoping that 2013 is a luckier year.  I understand, though, that most things don’t just happen; they need some input from me.


While I don’t have any resolutions per se (and my new year was the Solstice), here are 10 things that I continue to work on toward my goal of being a happier, healthier, better human being:

1.  I’m working on accentuating the positive rather than harping on the negative.  This is a hard one, though, because there’s so much to yell about and seemingly so little good.  Still, I’m going to make it my practice to point out and promote what’s working.


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2.  Really; this one needs no more explanation.


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3.  I am going to put a lot of energy into finding a really good job.  I don’t know where that job is going to be yet – I really want to work with teenagers, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to find a position in a school that will be acceptable to me.  Regardless, I am convinced that I’m going to find a great spot for me, and I’m excited about that.

4.  Though I’m not compulsive about it, I function best when I have a routine.  I’ve managed to establish a couple of really good habits (daily vitamins, flossing, that sort of thing) by adding small things to my routine, and I’m going to try adding The Five Tibetans and an hour of walking a couple of days a week (there’s an indoor track at Local U. that I can use).

5.  I’m going to knock off at least one more class in my post-grad certificate program.  Depending on the schedule and our checkbook status, I may take two.

6.  I need to focus more on my yoga practice.  I’m a much nicer, happier person when I’ve practiced recently, and I need to remember that the time I spend recharging is not wasted time.

7.  I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping up with housekeeping and general maintenance.  That’s something I intend to continue.

8.  While I didn’t consistently keep up with my “do one thing” resolution from last year, I did integrate “do one thing” into a lot of my life.  I got much better at not feeling like I had to do everything, right now.  Sometimes, just checking one thing off my list is enough.

9.  I want to stay in better touch with some people.  I’m not sure they know how often I think of them, or how much I love them.

10.  I want to read more.  I’ve set a Goodreads goal of 25 books this year; that’s a little more than two a month.  I would like to spend less time trolling the internet and more time enjoying good books.  I might take up CVRick’s habit of audiobooks while I’m at it.

Do you have any goals for ’13?



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    I was thinking of setting a reading goal (via Goodreads), too! I started listening to audiobooks this year. Especially good when I’m knitting. 😉

  2. If you like lists for your one thing goal may I suggest the Wunderlist app. I’m loving the stuffing out of it for project management.

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