Friday Fuck You

It’s here.



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2 responses to “Friday Fuck You

  1. Kwizgiver

    That does deserve a hearty Fuck You! I hate, and I do mean hate, teachers who are too caught up in themselves to meet deadlines for student activities.

  2. Kwizgiver, it’s all I can do to not march in there and scold every single one of them. The kicker of it is that one of the teachers – the one I would have expected to take point on this – is a fucking poet himself; he does shows and competitions, he publishes chapbooks and travels around the country. Couldn’t be bothered to sign up for Poetry Out Loud, though, despite the fact that I left him with ALL the information (a whole packet’s worth) AND the contact for the Humanities Council, and now a kid who’s done POL his whole high school career misses out on his senior year (and a real shot at getting to State and beyond).


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