Scaling Back

I have been blogging every day since October 27th of 2006.  With the exception of St. Patrick’s Day of 2007 and three days in August of 2009 when I took a break from blogging to mourn my mother’s passing, I haven’t missed a day.

I’m thinking I’m going to release myself from my commitment, though, and not feel as though I have to put something up every single day.  I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I’ve noticed that my comments have drastically decreased; though I know a number of you are still reading, far fewer of you are commenting.  I don’t know whether that’s because comments in general are down (several of my blogging friends tell me their traffic has decreased, too) or because I’m not saying anything that inspires responses.  Either way, one of the reasons I blog is for the feedback; I’m less inspired to write here if I am not confident that I won’t just be talking into the void.  In all honesty, Facebook is providing a lot more interaction for me than this space has done lately.  I thrive on the interaction, and I’m finding that I’m putting more energy into the spaces where I get more feedback.

I’m also finding that the post-a-day thing is starting to stress me out a little.  This was particularly true when I was writing The Paper and stressing out about finding work (which I expect will gear up again as the springtime job hunting season draws nearer).  I don’t want to put things here just because I need space-filler; I want this to be more of a journal than a scrapbook.

I will absolutely still write here.  One of the things that I treasure about this space is that I’ve been able to go back through the archives and find important bits of my life set down in writing, and I fully intend to continue that.  I’ll keep up with the teacher blog and the cooking blog, too, for the same reasons; I love the idea that my children might go back and read my blogs when they’re adults and maybe gain a little insight into what their childhoods were like from my perspective, or that they can have instant access to all the recipes they grew up with.  I just don’t feel compelled to write here every single day.

Here’s to less frequency but more substance in 2013.



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10 responses to “Scaling Back

  1. Posting every day is such a chore to me. I’m lucky if I can post once a month.
    Anyhow, I’m just saying hello to let you know I’m still reading. I’m just too lazy to comment usually. Also, you have a cooking blog? That sounds exciting! Is there a link you can share? I love trying new recipes!

  2. Donna

    Mrs. Chili, I enjoy reading your blog daily, especially “A Teacher’s Education,” as I am a teacher, and I also have two daughters. You are an excellent writer, a very caring person, and I enjoy hearing your thoughts. I remember when I first commented on your blog, you promptly commented back. That is considerate, as we are all short on time.

    I wanted to tell you why I have cut back on comments, since you asked. Regarding the “incident” at your past school, you made several references to something happening (when it first occurred), and I assume this aroused your readers’ curiosities, as it did mine. However, when you blogged about what had happened, some readers, including myself, were required to use a password. I made a comment about “why the secrecy?” (Of course, I understand privacy issues in a school.) However, one of your faithful readers/friends responded to my comment with “F–off.” I am confused. If you want feedback, as in today’s blog, why the password, and your faithful friends need to rethink their rude replies.

  3. Terry

    I think I remember the post Donna is talking about…I think at the time her question’s tone was taken wrongly, but, in spirit, I agree with her. I started reading your teaching blog and then your personal blog years ago and enjoyed them and even commented on them and had a nice email exchange with you over some teaching things! But I did feel that blocking some of your readers from some of your posts made me feel sort of strong-armed away from interaction, so I…didn’t interact. But, as Donna said, I also understand why you had to do that.

  4. Audra

    I read! You keep me in good company. The meme’s, the teacher stories… All of it.

  5. I had to password that post (and, indeed, the only reason I ever password posts), because my veil of anonymity is pretty thin. My boss and several of my coworkers know that I blog, and I wasn’t interested in making things worse for myself by writing my truth. That’s a problem with the loss of even a little anonymity; the people who know you in real life can – and do – use your words against you. It turns out that it didn’t matter much – my proverbial die was already cast – but I was still operating under the orders to not give away more than I needed to to those who intended to do me harm.

    I struggle with the people who choose to comment in prickly tones. I’m not crazy about censoring comments – I think it’s true that I’ve only ever deleted one comment that wasn’t spam – and I try very hard to make it clear that I expect a certain level of discourse here, but I don’t control how people respond to one another here beyond requesting civility. I’m so sorry that you felt disrespected here, Donna; I assure you that was never my intent.

  6. L B

    Mrs. Chili. I have enjoyed every moment of your blog, actually all of the blogs I know about. First class, all of the way. Good people came and went, most probably still hit and read your blog. There are twenty or so sites that I check every day and you and Kizz are just about the only ones that post everyday. For that, you are both amazing. Please, feel free to do what you need to do without expectations from the likes of me and some other readers. We’ll either follow and get an email or just click in and find something great, or no post at all. Either way, I’m, quite happy to know that you are paying attention to your own life,needs, and interests. Know yourself best, always. A little gift of a post every now and then, just to check in, would be great, thank you.

    All best wishes to you and your extended family and friends for all of the best that 2013 may bring. Much love, and many thanks. L.

  7. wxchick

    I love reading your blog. I rarely comment, but I always read and get something out of what your write. You usually put into words exactly what I’m feeling at that moment.

  8. wxchick

    How do I find you on Facebook?

  9. I hate that you are or will. Your blogs are part of my daily arrive at the office and sip on a cup of coffee routine. My goal is to blog more; I am aiming for 4 post per week.

  10. Honestly, I believe that comments are down all over due to the rise of “readers” – I would say that you probably see a corresponding drop in blog traffic as well?
    I admit to reading posts in a reader, but I also teach high school and don’t feel like I have a lot say that would add to your work. I do enjoy reading and will keep doing so, regardless of the frequency of your posts.

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