Ten Things Tuesday

The Netflix Edition

I received a Netflix subscription from my sister for my birthday last year.  I handed it over to my husband to activate, but he ran into trouble with it and it never got set up.  A few weeks ago, Auntie forwarded me an email reminding me that I hadn’t used the gift, so I went and signed the thing up myself.  It’s been both a wonder and a bit of a curse; I’m not sure I should have access to this much t.v. when I’m unemployed.

Here, then, are ten things on my watch list.  I’m practically giddy:

1.  Lilyhammer.  C.V. Rick suggested this, and I’m SO glad he did.  It’s a Netflix production about a mob boss who turns state’s evidence and goes into witness protection.  He decides, based only on his experience of enjoying the ’94 Winter Olympic Games on t.v., to settle in Norway.  Hilarity ensues.  This is part Goodfellas, part Fargo, and all fun; I love it.

2.  Breaking Bad.  I haven’t seen a single episode, but I’ve been listening to a lot of really good buzz about this show, so on my list it went.

3.  The Walking Dead.  See above.

4.  Downton Abbey.  Ditto.

5.  Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State.  I own this on DVD, but I threw it on the watch list just because I could.  It’s a BBC production about the development, use, and demise of the most notorious concentration camp in the Nazi complex, and it’s a very well done combination of historical documents and footage, interviews, and reenactments.

6.  Star Trek:  Next Generation.  I love this franchise, and considered buying the series on DVD for Christmas this year.  Now I’m glad I didn’t.

7.  Start Trek:  Deep Space Nine.  See above.

8.  Waiting for Superman.  This is a documentary about education that I heard a lot of buzz about when it came out.  I’m going to set aside some time this week to see it.

9.  Religulous.  Another documentary I heard good things about (in fact, someone (I don’t remember who) told me I HAD to see this, so on my list it went).

10.  The Civil War by Ken Burns.  This has been on my Amazon wish list for years.  I will eventually own it on DVD, but for now, I’m happy to have access to it via Netflix.

What’s on YOUR lists?



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Just finished watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation via Netflix. Started going through each show from season 1. Love it!

  2. When I saw the topic I opened my Netflix and read with it on standby in another tab. For the record, when you search for Auschwitz the 1st response is the doc you mentioned, then another doc, then Captain America. Um….

    There used to be a way that we could become friends on Netflix and see each other’s queues. I wonder if it still exists. ‘Cause now, thanks in part to you, my queue is well over 140 items. It doesn’t belong in a comment section!

  3. wxchick

    I’m working my way through Star Trek: Voyager. I’m on season 6. Love it.

  4. I’m watching Firefly. And Nurse Jackie. And Shameless, the US version.

  5. I worked my way through Breaking Bad while I was in Dallas on an interim assignment. It was a fun prep for actually MOVING to Albuquerque. We have already driven by a few of the locations that are key in the show. It’s filmed here, as well as set here. I somehow skipped the second season of Downton Abbey, and found that I didn’t miss much 🙂 Watching the 3rd season now on PBS. Enjoy your Netflix!

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