Quick Hit: Catchy

So, Mr. Chili gave me a spiffy new radio for my car last year, and it came with bluetooth capability, which means that I can play stuff through my phone.  Sometimes I’ll play my iTunes list, but if I’m going to be in the car for a while, I’ll log into Pandora and let that go.

I have a bunch of Pandora stations that I really like.  One of the things that I particularly appreciate about Pandora is that it exposes me to music I wouldn’t otherwise discover; I don’t listen to commercial radio because I can’t stand the inane chatter (or, you know, the commercials), and I haven’t figured out how to use Spotify yet.  If I don’t like a song, I give it a “thumbs down,” but I’m just as often giving “thumbs up” to the stuff I do like and, as time goes on, the station gets better.

One of the stations I created started with a Maroon 5 song, and that’s the station I’ve been listening to lately (I was on a big Dave Matthews kick this summer, but I’m trying to branch out).  This song is patently ridiculous, but it is also completely infectious.  It’s been in my head since I heard it three days ago.



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