Thought for Thursday: She Proposed WHAT, Now?!

First, go read this.  No, really; I’ll wait.  You need the context.

I KNOW, right?!  I… I just… I am stunned.

So, someone posted Ms. Brown’s contact information on facebook (Contact info for NM Rep. Cathrynn Brown, sponsor of “pregnancy as evidence” bill: Capitol (505) 986-4248 Office: (575) 302-2746 Email:, if you’re interested).  Since I’m not interested in paying long distance charges to talk to someone who’s probably never going to relay my message, I thought that an email might be the more effective way for me to express my displeasure at this measure.  Here’s what I wrote:

Ms. Brown:
    I would like for you to stop for a moment and consider the logical consequences of this proposal you’re forwarding.
    I am, frankly, horrified at the implications of this measure.  Basically, as I understand it, your aim is to prohibit abortions of pregnancies that result from rape in order to use the child after his or her birth as evidence against the rapist.  Your measure would force women, under the penalty of law, to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, resulting in a living human baby who would then be used as evidence in a rape case against that baby’s biological father.
    Is there any other way you can think of to dehumanize people?  Forcing a woman to be an incubator is despicable enough.  Removing from a woman all agency over her own body seems to be a perfectly acceptable tactic for those ideologically opposed to abortion and, as a consequence, I think most of us have grown numb to the logical result of that behavior – that a woman ceases to be a human and instead becomes an unwilling instrument and host.  This attitude reduces a woman to chattel and prevents her from being a full and participating member of human society.
    You, however, have taken it an as yet unthinkable step further; your bill intends to dehumanize the living child that would be the result of carrying a fetus to term and use it as “evidence” to prosecute a rape case.  This child is no longer a person – in fact, this child never even reaches the status of “person” that would be his or hers at birth – but is instead a tool to be used in the conviction of a crime.
    Frankly, I am having a really hard time imagining how someone can even conceive of such an idea, and it is my dearest hope that your bill be soundly and forcefully put down.  I also hope that, someday, you can come to the realization that your callous attitude about women, their bodies, and the choices they are allowed as human beings to make about their own lives becomes apparent to you, and that you are as horrified as I am by what you have proposed in this bill.


Because “are you fucking kidding me right now?!” would have been unprofessional.



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3 responses to “Thought for Thursday: She Proposed WHAT, Now?!

  1. Kwizgiver

    This proposal gave me a headache.

  2. Might have been unprofessional, but sure would have captured the true spirit of the insanity of the proposal!

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