Ten Things Tuesday

Ten apps I have on my phone:

1.  The Constitution.  Yes, I’m a dork; I have a copy of the Constitution on my cell phone.  I actually use it, too, so there.

2.  Our Groceries.  This is an app that lets us create different lists (groceries, hardware store, Target, that sort of thing) and anyone in the family can add to the lists.  I’ve found this incredibly convenient; we’ve pretty much eliminated the “why didn’t you buy granola bars?” by asking “were they on the list?!”

3.  iBooks.  I was thrilled – thrilled, I tell you! – when I discovered that the app on my iPad and the app on my phone talk to each other!  I can read my book on the phone while I’m waiting for kids to get out of school; the app will open where the last bookmark (on the last device) was placed, so I open the book where I left it on my iPad, and when I come back to the iPad that night, the bookmark is moved to where I stopped reading on the phone.  It’s awesome.

4.  My Fitness Pal.  This app is actually much easier to use on the computer, I’ve found, but I have used it on the phone, too.  It’s where I keep track of diet and exercise.

5.  Walkmeter.  This is an app that I use all the time, but I’m certain I’m not getting all that I could from it.  There are a bunch of features I haven’t figured out yet, but it gives me the basics of time, pace, estimated calorie count, and distance that I want.

6.  NPR.  It’s 50/50 whether I’ll listen to music or news as I’m walking, and having the NPR app means I can stream the news pretty much whenever I want.  I also use this app to stream through the car during my local station’s pledge week.

7.  Gas Buddy.  I’ve often been annoyed to have paid for gas at one station, only to drive by another on my way home which is selling at a (much lower) lower price.  I’ll pop open this app before I leave and figure out which station along my route has the lowest prices.  Sometimes, gas vary by as much as a dime on the same street; it’s crazy.

8.  Pandora.  I usually only open this app if I’m going to be in the car for an extended trip and I’m not in the mood for NPR.  I’ve been told that Spotify is a better service, but I haven’t really tried that yet.

9.  Facebook.  The Facebook app on the phone is easier to use than Facebook through the phone’s internet browser.

10.  C-Span.  I downloaded this to listen to the Clinton hearings on Benghazi and the confirmation hearings for John Kerry when I discovered – much to my geeky annoyance – that none of the NPR stations I could find were airing them.  I’m almost embarrassed by how excited I am to be able to get live streaming on this thing.

What are your favorite apps?



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7 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Evernote, Zite, Huffington Post, NPR, TED, Dragon, Pictures, Snapseed, Weather Genie, Spirogrow

  2. I have TED, too, Jay (and a lot more; I was limited to ten in my Ten Things Tuesday). I know what Huff Post is, and I can guess about Pictures and Weather Genie; what are the rest of them about?

    • Evernote is the greatest tool for collecting information ever! read a good article, clip the whole article or just the url and it’s stored in your ( free) account. Check it out. Zite is a compilation of stories and articles- you cabn customize it a lot, they scout Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker and other publications. It’s my pre-dawn read! Dragon is a freebie that converts your speech to text…especially helpful for those hunt and peck typists like me. Snapseed is a photo editing tool, quite powerful and spirogrow is for the 60″2 brain in my head…patterns like you cannot imagine.

  3. I mostly use my photo apps; Instagram, Flickr, camera, Snapseed, etc. Also weather, though. Obsessed with weather.

  4. Kwizgiver

    I have a dumb phone, it’s just a phone, nothing cool.

  5. Bob

    There’s a new app on the iPhone that is really cool. You put in some numbers and you can talk to a person. I forget what it’s called though 🙂

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