Monday Meme

I haven’t done one in a while.  Thanks go to Kwizgiver for the questions.

1: Do you notice a persons eye color? Not usually.

2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha? Dark chocolate. So much the better if there’s sea salt involved.

3: If you could get a tattoo free, would you do it? what would it be?  I’d consider it.  I’m thinking of getting a white ink dragonfly on my inner wrist…

4: Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?   I grew up in a suburb of Boston.  I don’t know how you’d characterize it, though; probably the intersection between big town, small city.  I didn’t really think much about it when I was growing up, so I can’t say whether I liked or disliked it.  Now, we live in a medium-ish town, and I do like it.

5: Your favorite adult as a child? (and not your parents, if they were your favorite)  My parents so WEREN’T my favorite adults. When I was little, my favorite adult was my babysitters, Deb and Beverly (though, thinking about it now, I realize they were barely adults themselves). I was very fond of some of my teachers, too, and the principal of my elementary school was a wonderful man.

6: What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now? I might make myself a strawberry smoothie; I have all the ingredients.

7: Most embarrassing moment from your elementary school years? There are far too many to recall.

8: Most embarrassing moment from your middle school years? I spent most of my elementary and middle school years being relentlessly taunted and bullied for being quiet and “too smart.”

9: Most embarrassing moment from your high school years? Actually, my time in high school was mostly devoid of embarrassment (or, perhaps, I’ve just blocked it all out).

10: Have you ever fired anyone? Nope; I’ve never been in a position to do that.

11: Have you ever climbed a tree more than twenty feet off the ground? Yes; I used to climb trees when I was a kid.

12: Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing set? I used to LOVE to swing as a kid, but I find that I get a little motion sick if I swing now.

13: If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? I sometimes really wish that there were a breed of tiger that could be domesticated. If I lived somewhere more temperate, I’d get a big dog; a Rottweiler or Doberman or Dalmation.

14: What’s your favorite place to relax? At home; either on the couch or in bed.

15: What’s your most favorite part of your personality? I am kind and generous. I’ll go out of my way to do nice things for people.

16: Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares? Who cares?

17: Have you ever watched the Superbowl all the way through? I have. Not the most recent one, but I have.

18: Have you ever watched any major sporting event live? I’ve been to Fenway a couple of times. It was fun, but not something that I’m itching to do again.

19: What’s the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten in your life? That’s not a fair question. Depending on my mood, any number of things can be the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

20: Margarine or butter? Which did you grow up with? I remember when my parents switched to margarine. Understand that both my parents chain smoked, so their taste buds were probably mostly dead, anyway, but I remember thinking “bullshit” when my father would SWEAR he couldn’t tell the difference between butter and margarine, but bringing Pepsi instead of Coke into the house was a mortal sin. I swore to myself that no matter how poor I got, I would scrape together the money to buy a pound of butter. I have never – and will never – buy margarine.



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3 responses to “Monday Meme

  1. Everything is better with butter.

  2. This was part of my inspiration for the answer to question 13.

  3. Funny, but that is my life with a dog and two cats.

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