Quick Hit: Snow!

Yeah.  It’s going to snow here…


The forecasters seem to be pretty confident about using feet as a measurement for this storm.


Mr. Chili is in Michigan – stuck in Michigan, actually.  He wanted to come home before the storm, but the timing of his instrument testing didn’t work out, and it’s likely that the storm is going to push back his return by at least 24 hours.  That means I get to deal with the snow all by myself.


At least school’s already been canceled for tomorrow.  I plan on turning off my alarm and sleeping as long as I possibly can in the morning.  I’ve bought junk cereal for the girls and me, I moved the snowblower into the garage for easy access (though this will be the first time I’ve ever used the thing; I may call my neighbor and ask for help), and Mr. Chili set up the generator before he left, so if we lose power (which they’re saying is a strong possibility), we’ll have lights and heat.  We all have good books (and Netflix while the power holds).  We should be fine.



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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Snow!

  1. Pre-snow tutorial for the blower might not go amiss but you’re set. It’s going to be fine.

  2. Laurie B

    We’re not really stuck out here in San Diego and may make it as far as D.C. on Saturday. Neighbors are tending to the immediate snow for us. Best and only rue for using snowblowers, never, ever, put your hands anywhere near the chute or blades. If it clogs, shut it off and use a broom handle to clear the mess. There could be enough residual energy to pop the blades a turn or two even after you’ve shut the engine off. Be safe and careful, have fun and enjoy sleeping in!

  3. Stuck in here in CT as well. I am trying to do as many chores that require power right now just in case.
    Best Wishes

  4. I just assumed this stuff was the norm. Well, maybe it will be really cold when I come up that way. Darn it if I have to race another hot Boston Marathon.

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