Quick Hit: Toeses

So, I have this cat.


He’s going to be 20 years old in April.  That’s right; 20.

He’s been showing some of his age over the past several months.  We’re certain he’s gone nearly – if not completely – deaf and, as a consequence, he meows much louder than he really needs to because he can’t hear himself talking.  He’ll walk into a room and then look around like he’s confused about how he got there (which, to be fair, is something *I* do sometimes, but we’re not talking about me right now..).  He doesn’t jump up on things anymore, only climbs the stairs occasionally, and prefers to sleep on the floor where the under-floor heating junctions meet and make a nice, warm spot for him to snooze.

Beyond that, though?  It seems our boy is like the frickin’ Energizer Bunny.

I brought him to the vet yesterday because he clearly wasn’t feeling well.  A mom can tell, and I could see that he was just off (that mommy instinct was paired with the fact that he kept me up ALL night the night before.  Usually, he’ll yell once or twice a night and then settle back down, but he was lucky to go 20 minutes between talking sessions that night.  I woke feeling that hungover feeling I had when the girls were infants.  Ugh.).

The vet weighed him (nearly 9 pounds) and had a good look at him, squishing his belly and looking in his ears and at his eyes and teeth.  Her initial exam revealed no obvious ailments, so she took him out back to draw some blood and try to get a urine sample to see if we could track down why the poor little old man felt yucky.

The other doctor called me this morning with the results.  The conversation went something like this:

Doctor: “So, Toeses’ results came back.  His blood work is completely clean; no indication of kidney or thyroid or liver problems.” (pause while I hear paper flipping)  “HOW old is he, again?!”

Me:  “Yeah; he’ll really be 20 in April.”

Doctor:  “Wow.  He’s in fantastic shape!”

It turns out that he’s got either a bladder or urinary tract infection; there were blood cells in his urine but, as the blood work showed, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with his kidney function.  I ventured out ahead of the worst of the storm (which, not for nothing, is shaping up to be a doozie) to get him a course of antibiotics while we wait for the more detailed culture to come back.

I’m glad this is something that’s easily treatable and that we’ll get to keep the old man a little while longer.



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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Toeses

  1. I forgot to say earlier, be sure that you do get those more specific results. Emily got an infection like that a few winters ago and they gave her the standard kills-almost-all-infections thing and, of course, she had one of the things it doesn’t kill.

  2. Yeah; I already paid for the specific culture. We should have some answers by Monday or Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. 20?! Good grief, that’s spectacular! I hope he’s feeling better. xoxo

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