Ten Things Tuesday

Today has kind of been a “what the fuck, People!?” kind of day, so you get a list of five things I could really, really do without:

1. Ted Nugent. Really? No, I mean, REALLY?! I saw this and thought it was an Onion article but no; the man really has been invited to be in the audience for the State of the Union address, despite having made threats against the President that earned him Secret Service attention.

2.  Mitch McConnell.  I really DO hope that Ashley Judd runs against Mitch McConnell, and that she beats his ass in such a resounding and thoroughly embarrassing way that we never see or hear from the man again.  I’ve had it with him; just had it.

3.  Slush.  I’ll give you that newly-fallen snow is lovely, but the slush that results after a little bit of rain and a 40° day is anything but lovely.

4.  Strange noises coming from my car.  I’ve invested quite a bit of money in my Puck over the last few months; she’s gotten new exhaust components, four new tires and, as of today, four sets of new brakes.  I had the rear brakes done a few weeks ago but today, coming out of the health club, the front passenger side started scraping and screeching, so off to Ed I went to get THAT remedied.  Don’t get me wrong – you know how much I love Ed – I’m just wishing that I haven’t seen quite so much of the man lately.

5.  Work stress.  There’s a lot of shifting going on at Mr. Chili’s place of business, and it’s got him off-balance and testy.  I’m eager for something to happen – one way or the other – so we can make some decisions (if decisions have to be made) and settle down.

And, in an effort to not be a complete and total downer, here are five things that are actually going pretty well, thank you very much:

1.  I’m moving a LOT more than I used to, and though I’m not seeing any immediate results in terms of the number on the scale, the fact that I can get in at least an hour – and more often two – of moving every single day (and get paid for it) is making me pretty happy.

2.  Punk made it past the classroom level and is heading to the school-wide competition for Poetry Out Loud.  I’m hoping to see the meet on Thursday.

3.  I got my first paper back from my new class, and I earned a 5 out of 5 for it, which means that a) I understood the assignment and b) my writing style is not incongruous with what the professor is expecting.  I also had lunch with my former professor yesterday, and she paid me some very nice compliments about the writing I did for her (going so far as to say that I should think about finding someplace to publish The Paper).

4.  I’m in the courting phase with a private school in the middle of the state, and it’s looking more and more like I’m going to be offered a position there.  While there are a number of things about this proposition that are making me a little hesitant (I’ll write about them on the teacher blog soon), I do have to say that it’s quite a salve to my bruised and battered professional self to be sought-after.  I’m going back next Friday to lead a writing workshop so that the Powers That Be can see what I’m like at the front of a classroom.  I’m looking forward to it.

5.  Mr. Chili and I started watching Downton Abbey and are enjoying it quite a lot.  I was starting to feel left out about it; it felt like everyone but us was watching and talking about the show.  We’ve also got The Walking Dead queued up on Netflix; I’m eager to get started with that one, too.

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your day has more positives than negatives!



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Said school in the middle of the State will be very very lucky to get you – I hope they realize their good fortune that you are available! Good luck.

  2. Please send me the link to the teacher blog!

  3. Donna

    Good luck with your prospective workshop and job! You deserve it!! And have fun watching Downton Abbey. Have you seen the series Upstairs Downstairs? If not, you should. Jean Marsh is the best!

  4. Oh, Downton Abbey is so delightful! And I love The Walking Dead, too. Have you watched Breaking Bad?

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