Motivation vs. Habit


I decided I needed some motivation.

See, I’ve been talking about getting healthier for a long time now and, to my credit, I managed to drop a couple of bad habits and install a couple of good ones, but it clearly wasn’t enough.  I stepped on the scale at the health club a few weeks ago and was horrified by what I saw, and I’d been feeling pretty down about my body for a while before that.  I suppose there comes a time when an individual decides they will go here and no further, and that morning was when I found my line in the sand.

I have a former blog / current facebook friend who had to do some serious restructuring in her life after a medical diagnosis, and she’s inspired me far more than I think she realizes.  She’s managing to control her condition with her lifestyle, and I’ve been watching as she chronicles her success.  I want to be able to say the kinds of things about myself that she’s been saying, so I took some steps toward creating opportunities (and limiting excuses) to help me do the things that I need to do to feel better about my body.

For starters, I’m exercising every single day.  I teach a fitness class six days a week, and there’s only one day where I only do one thing.  On Monday mornings, I take an aerobics class (check the program out here) and then stay for the yoga class right afterward (which is good; yoga as a participant is very different from yoga from the teacher’s mat), then I teach a yoga class in the afternoon.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I teach a strength class in the mornings and then walk the track for at least 50 minutes.  Wednesday has me walking prior to my 4:45 yoga class at Local U., and on Fridays (my only one-class day), I take the high-intensity step class in which I was a regular before I had to stop because I got a day job.  Saturdays have me doing yoga at L.U. (where I try to walk for a bit either before or after – usually before), and on Sundays, I walk for an hour before my health club yoga class (which is kind of cool, because the health club has good wifi by the downstairs treadmills, so I can watch something on Netflix while I’m walking.  Today was episode 2 of Breaking Bad; the one where the bathtub falls through the floor.  Ick!).

I use myfitnesspal to log my activity and food choices, but I also bought myself a fitbit, mostly because my aforementioned friend has one and, because it’s easy to overestimate, I like the idea of keeping track of what I really do all day.  I like the motivation that tracking my activity gives me; if I see that I’ve only climbed 7 out of my goal of 10 flights, I’ll find excuses to go up and down more stairs, or if I’ve only got a thousand more steps to make my goal of 10,000 a day, I’ll find a way to get them in.  I’ve only had the thing since Tuesday, but I’m already glad I bought it; it’s really helping me stay focused.

I’m down three pounds since last week, and I’m finding I dread going to exercise a little less than I did a few weeks ago.  I still don’t LIKE to sweat, and I still sometimes have to guilt myself into going, but I’m sure that as I develop the habits – and see the results – the self-confidence and acceptance will likely be enough to keep me going.




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6 responses to “Motivation vs. Habit

  1. Well, yahoo for you, Mrs. Chili! Three pounds is a fantastic start, and you’re way, way ahead of me on the exercise front. I’m hearing good things about the FitBit. I guess I’ll be looking into that. Congratulations, and much, much success. 😀 xoxo

  2. I have heard good things about the fit bit as well. I think there is one program on the fit bit that tracks your sleep. My husband and I gave up fast food for lent. I am hoping that after 40 days it will be a thing of the past.

  3. Thanks, Goddess. You’re actually part of my motivation, too, but I’m not quite ready to give up dairy and meat…

    Needs, I was wondering exactly HOW it tracks sleep, so I looked it up. It doesn’t tell when you’re asleep so much as it just assumes that when you’re not moving, you’re out. It’s interesting to see it graph itself out, though; I find that the times that it says I was “active” are also the times when Toeses was yelling, so it’s pretty accurate for all that.

    Also? I am very proud to say that I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s since before Thanksgiving. It really wasn’t that big of a sacrifice; I’m betting that Lent’ll do it for you.

  4. nhfalcon

    We sell the fitbit at Verizon Wireless, and thus far have heard nothign but positive reviews about it from our customers. I don’t know what other vendors sell it for, but we’re selling it in the $55 – $60 range. My understanding is the app you can download to your smartphone or tablet for it is free.

  5. “I dread going to exercise a little less than I did a few weeks ago” is the perfect description.

  6. Falcon, I paid 100 bucks for mine – are you talking about the FitBit One? That’s the model I got. If I can get it for 40 bucks cheaper from you, I might return the one I bought…

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