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Quick Hit: DAMMIT!

A couple of months ago, I hit my limit.  I decided that enough was enough; I wasn’t going to get any heavier than I was at that moment and I wasn’t going to allow myself to continue to be out of shape and tired all the time.

I bought myself a fitbit during the second week of February.  I reconnected to to track my diet.  I started going in before (or staying after) the fitness classes I teach to get an extra hour of exercise in.  I acquired an elliptical trainer to use on days when I can’t leave the house (because of snow, for example) or when it’s just too ugly to be out doors.  I’ve convinced my husband to start taking 3+ mile walks with me when the weather’s decent.

I had a REALLY good couple of exercise/diet weeks, so when I went into the gym this morning to do my weekly weigh-in, I was looking forward to being able to log some good progress.

I didn’t lose a fucking ounce.

I’m trying not to get discouraged; I understand that it’s not about weight, that muscle weighs more than fat, that any number of things can account for the lack of movement, blah, blah, blah.  I really wanted to be able to log a smaller number, though, and I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not pissed that I can’t.


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March Madness #31: The End

The prompt for today is to post another self-portrait and to say what I liked best about the challenge.

I’m going to resist a little because I don’t want to post another picture of myself.  I DID like having a prompt every day, though; I’ve been feeling a little scattered lately, and having a topic picked out every day was really helpful in keeping me on track here.

I’m thinking I might try to keep this sort of thing up – maybe spend some time each weekend thinking of prompts that I can use on days when I don’t think I have anything much to say.  I know that Ellen is running another challenge over at her blog having to do with the alphabet; I may steal some of her ideas (and there’s always Kwizgiver‘s prompts; she’s saved my blog bacon on more than one occasion).

So, it’s been fun.  Thanks for playing along with me.  On to April!!

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March Madness #30: Favorite Ice Cream

I really do like ice cream, though it’s not my MOST favorite thing EVER.  I’ve never, for example, sat down and demolished a whole pint in one sitting, but I do heartily enjoy ice cream once in a while.

I don’t have a single, overriding favorite flavor.  Our local grocery store chain makes a really good chocolate peanut butter flavor – chocolate ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirls and little chocolate stars filled with peanut butter – which I like very much.  The very-local ice cream shack has a watermelon sherbet that I really like – it’s light and sweet and just a little tangy – and the slightly-less-local ice cream outfit in Quaint Port City makes a triple chocolate that I crave at least once a summer – the chocolate ice cream is so chocolate it’s practically black, and the scoops are studded with chocolate and fudge chunks.  It really is decadence on a cone.

Our ice cream shacks should be opening up any day now; that’s one of our harbingers of spring (though, being native New Englanders, we really do eat ice cream year-round, but the shacks only open when the weather breaks).

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March Madness #29: Favorite Time of Year

There are a lot of particular days during the year that I look forward to – holidays and vacations and such – but my favorite general time of year is late spring and all of summer.


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I really don’t like to be cold, and winter depresses me.  I enjoy fall for the color (and the food, and the football), but I feel most alive and most like myself when the weather starts to warm and the birds come back and the days are longer.

Spring hasn’t officially sprung here at Chez Chili just yet; it’s still colder than suits me and the peepers, my official marker of spring, haven’t started peeping yet.  I have hope that it’s coming, though; I’m seeing some trees start to tentatively bud and we’re able to eat dinner before it’s full dark.  Yesterday morning started to smell like spring – Bean even mentioned it when I picked her up yesterday from drama practice – so there’s a sign that spring really approaching, though I’ll feel like we’re really in it when the temperature is consistently higher than 5o°….

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March Madness #28: Guilty Pleasure

Leaving decadent food aside, I would have to say that my current guilty pleasure is Breaking Bad.


My sister gave me a six month subscription to Netflix for my birthday last year, and I’ve been using it to watch shows that I missed while they were on t.v.  I’d heard a lot of really great buzz about Breaking Bad – and it seemed like a show that would be right up my proverbial alley – so I queued it up.

It’s wonderful.  The characters are compelling, the plot is believable, and every four or five episodes, something happens that completely surprises me.

I’m mitigating the “guilty” of this pleasure by only watching on mobile devices while I’m on a piece of exercise equipment.  I’ve made it to the first episode of season 4; I’ll watch another today while I’m owning the elliptical machine at the gym at Local U.

Once I’ve worked my way through all of Breaking Bad, I’m moving on to The Walking Dead.  No spoilers, please!

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March Madness #27: Three Online Friends

One of my favorite “meeting in real life” stories is about Michael (who, sadly, doesn’t keep a blog anymore, but whom I still get to ‘see’ on facebook).  We had been blog buddies for about a year and a half when we discovered that we grew up in the same neighborhood.  One day several years ago, Michael mentioned that he was heading ‘home’ from Alabama to visit his family.  I asked him where ‘home’ was, and it turned out that it was exactly where I grew up (which is an easy car ride from where I live now).  Anyway, we made plans to meet while he was there, and after about five minutes over our salads at Bertucci’s, he looked at me and said “I know this sounds weird, since we only just met, but I feel like we’ve been friends for years.”  That’s because we HAD been friends for years, and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together when he invited me to come with him to meet his grandparents.  It was lovely, and pretty much representative of the other online friends I’ve met in real life.

Topping the list of online friends I’d like to meet in person is CVRick.  I interact with him practically every day on facebook (he doesn’t keep a blog that I’m aware of, though he keeps saying he’s going to start writing), and he came up in the class I’m taking as my primary argument when someone made the comment that one can’t be ‘real’ friends with someone whom one has never met in person.  Everything I’ve experienced about Rick as an online friend tells me he’s smart, funny, insightful, and genuine, and I bet, much like Michael and I, we could be instantly comfortable with one another.

Another online friend I’m hoping to meet someday is Kwizgiver.  Though she only lives in the next state over, it’s a big state, and there really is considerable geographical distance between us.  At some point, though, I’m certain we will discover that circumstances will bring us to within reasonable proximity.  When that happens (and it WILL happen), I’m looking forward to meeting this energetic, thoughtful, passionate teacher (who, I’m betting, is riotously funny).

I’m not sure this one actually counts, as we HAVE met in real life, but I would really, really love to be able to spend more time in J’s presence.  We met a couple of years ago at a week-long writing workshop, and as soon as she walked into the room, J’s energy resonated with me.  I heartily enjoyed her company that week and found myself seeking her feedback and perspective.  I’m consistently struck by how often her writing leaves me stunned; it seems that we are sensitive to many of the same things at the same time.  I know that I could find solace and sorority in her kitchen, and I often find myself wishing that we weren’t separated by almost half the country.

(and I know the prompt only asked for three, but one of my dearest wishes is that the last time I saw Gerry won’t be the last time I see Gerry.)


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Ten Things Tuesday, Take 2

In honor of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the first of two cases concerning marriage equality, here’s a re-run of ten reasons why I won’t shut up about being a GLBTQ ally:



1. I didn’t choose to be straight. Gay, bi, lesbian and transgendered people didn’t choose to be gay, bi, lesbian or transgendered, either (I mean, really; who would choose to be a member of a group that is such a target for discrimination and hatred?). A lot of people I love are queer, and I hate that they can be targets of violence and oppression – or worse – simply for being who they are. How would you like to be discriminated against for just being who you are? Yeah; me, neither.

2. I was an advocate before I had children, but I’m even louder about it now that I have these girls looking to me as an example of how good adults should behave. I WILL NOT release closed-minded, hateful people into the world, and the more my daughters see me standing up for others, the better.


3. Love is love. It doesn’t matter if you love someone of the opposite sex or of the same sex because, really, love isn’t about sex.

4. The great Desmond Tutu teaches that none are free until all are free. Keeping rights and privileges from queer people threatens MY rights… and it threatens yours, too.



5. I can’t come up with a single valid reason for the terrible things that are visited on queer people; it’s all based on fear and ignorance. I make it my business to fight against the ignorance that fights against anyone – queer people included. God doesn’t hate, and neither do I.



6. Diversity is what makes our world more fun and interesting. Some of the most interesting people I know are queer, and part of what makes them interesting is that they are different from me in that way. Instead of hating those differences – or fearing them – I celebrate them.

7. The U.S. claims to be the most free and open society in the world. While that may be true, we’re not really putting our proverbial money where our mouths are when it comes to queer people. As a conscientious citizen of this country, I think it’s important to point out those contradictions, loudly and as often as possible.



8. I don’t want to be associated with closed-minded people. I’m an advocate and an ally because I want queer people to know that not all straight people are uptight homophobes.


9. No war was ever won without help from the inside. There have always been spies and sympathizers behind “enemy” lines, and anything that I can do to pry open the gates and let some good guys in is okay with me. Oh, and I vote.



10. Isn’t there enough pain and hatred in the world already?


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