March Madness: Playing Along

Kwizgiver posted this on her blog the other day:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.52.05 PM

Since I’ve been spiraling into a bit of an energetic hole lately, I thought it might not be a bad idea to have some prompts to help inspire me, so I thought I’d play along. Here’s today:

I don’t love putting my face on the blog, but I’ll make an exception for today


(and while I love Lindt chocolate in general, I do not love the chili chocolate.  I did, however, love the synchronicity of the name)

Five Random Facts:

1.  I would much rather be too hot than too cold and I much prefer warmer weather to cold.  I’m just about done with winter for this year, thank you very much.

2.  While I’m not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, I do like to have certain things in supply and I get uneasy when I know my back-ups are running low.  I need to make a trip to Auntie’s town to secure some more tea, for example, but I know I’m all set for ketchup and toilet paper.

3.  I very often prefer text messages to phone conversations.

4.  Despite being a fitness instructor, I don’t like to exert myself or sweat (and yes, I see the irony given the first fact I posted here; it’s different).  It’s weird, I know; I haven’t figured that out yet, either.

5,  I have been told, repeatedly and throughout my life, that I ‘love too much.’  While I can’t morally square that such a thing is even possible, I do appreciate that this particular characteristic has burned me more than once.  I’m not sure it’s a lesson I’ll ever learn, though.  I don’t choose to love as much as I do; it just happens, and I don’t think that I should try to change that about myself.


Feel free to play along, and let me know if you do so I can point folks in your direction (and I just noticed, much to my delight, that each Tuesday prompt lends itself to a Ten Things Tuesday treatment, so yay!).



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4 responses to “March Madness: Playing Along

  1. I glad you’re joining in. 🙂

  2. Love the picture! And I’m a fan of that particular Lindt bar, but won’t eat it anymore because it’s got dairy. Guess I’ll have to concoct my own. 😉

    Good on you for doing this challenge. I considered it for a second or two, but… Nope. Just can’t I can barely manage twice a week! lol 🙂

    Spring is coming! Can you feel it? I was compelled to wear green today because I could feel it – Spring, coming – to my core. Perhaps that thought can prevent you from taking a tumble. xoxo

  3. L B

    Well, I’ll buy in. I’d rather be chilled than always too hot, I can dress up and carry a hottie for those chill days and evenings, can cover up for sun but damn it, hot is hot, not liking that at all. I do hoard toilet paper, genetic thing. My Dad created the tp shortage of 1973, just sayin’. I can text but don’t. HAving a very cheap cell phone is enough of a challenge. I can get voice mail though, big improvement since last year! You can have yoga, tai chi for me, have a great teacher and an amazing studio of fellow players, come play with us! No such thing as loving too much, just don’t fall play to being used by that. It happens. Love too much? Not likely unless it becomes painfully obvious that it’s over, walk away. Nothing there to change, love like there is no tomorrow because some times there isn’t. Live large, love big, be clear, accept the life you have created and love it, always.

  4. Donna

    Mrs. Chili, you are a lovely lady!!! Thanks for posting a beautiful picture so your readers can finally visualize the lady who loves to write and teach!! Regarding #5, I too am known to do this, but what comes around will go around, and this is a wondrous quality to have!!

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