March Madness #6: Random Act of Kindness

So, here’s the scene; I’m in the health club locker room using the bathroom before yoga class (because there’s nothing worse than getting into a pose and realizing you have to pee).  When I come out of the stall, I notice that someone’s left an empty Poland Spring water bottle on the sink, so I toss it out after I wash my hands.

Fast forward five minutes as I’m standing outside the studio waiting for the last class to end so mine can begin.  One of my regulars – let’s call her Betty – joins the group gathering in the hall and says, “Hey, Chili, I saw you leaving the locker room; did you by any chance throw a bottle away while you were in there?”

It turns out, Betty had set the bottle down with the intention of refilling it when she was done using the restroom.  Whoops.

I felt a little bad – I thought I was helping out the housekeeping staff by tossing the bottle (I do that in parking lots, too – if I’m walking by trash and there’s a can by the door, I’ll clean up on my way in).  I didn’t mean to leave Betty without a source of water for my class.

That afternoon, I found myself in Target to pick up some cleaning supplies and kitty litter.  I made my way to the sporting goods section and bought a nice, reusable water bottle for Betty.  I gave it to her on Sunday when she came to my yoga class (when, five minutes before and ironically, someone ELSE threw out ANOTHER bottle she’d left on the sink when she went to go pee.  You’d think she’d have figured it out by now, but I guess not).  No one will be throwing Betty’s bottle away anymore, though; it’s lovely and purple and is very clearly not trash.



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2 responses to “March Madness #6: Random Act of Kindness

  1. Alternative solution: Buy her a sharpie to write her name on the plastic bottle! 🙂

  2. That was kind of you. I’m sure she was grateful. 🙂

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