March Madness #10: Daily Routine

My routine depends on the day, really.  Since I stopped working, every day runs a little differently.

Weekdays generally mean getting up to get the girls going, then seeing them off to school.  Mr. Chili and I eat cereal while we watch the news and weather and the girls make their lunches and gather their things.  He brings them to school (though, once the weather turns, Bean will go back to meeting her friends at the bus stop) and then heads to work; I check facebook and map out my day.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get at least an hour’s worth of exercise every day, preferably in the mornings (so I can get it over with).  Some days, that means going to a class or two; other days, that means heading to gym to use an elliptical trainer while watching an episode of Breaking Bad on my iPhone.

I have homework to do every week, which means reading some articles and composing a response paper.  Of course, there is always laundry and general housekeeping to be done.  At some point during the day, usually after lunch, I plan what’s on deck for dinner and do any shopping required to make that happen.

I try to meet my husband for lunch as often as we’re both able now that I don’t have a steady job; something I really missed when I was working full time was being able to spend an hour in the middle of the day with him.

The end of the day usually consists of jammies after dinner, some sort of chocolate, and Tivo (Big Bang Theory and Rachel Maddow, usually) before brushing my teeth and heading to bed to play Words with Friends and do a little reading before lights out.

So, there it is; my oh-so-exciting life.


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  1. I am consistently gobsmacked by how the hours are filled, and fly by. You may feel your day lacks excitement, but there’s a good bit of purpose there, and self-care, too. 🙂

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