March Madness #11: The Last Book I Read

Technically, I haven’t read (as in past tense) this book yet, but I’m only about 40 pages from the end, so I’m going to count it.

A few weeks ago, I heard a review on NPR of The Rage, a crime novel written by an Irish author named Gene Kerrigan.  I started reading it during a long weekend and made tremendous headway in it (it’s not a difficult read, so I got almost all the way through), but my reading time has been curtailed since then, and I find myself having to stop to remember who some of the tertiary characters are, but it’s a good book.  There’s some interesting ambiguity to deal with – the ‘good guys’ don’t have squeaky clean hands, the ‘bad guys’ have at least a narrow sympathetic streak, and everyone has to wrestle with the effects of their choices (some of which are devastating).

I need to finish this book up – maybe I’ll do that today – because I promised Sweet Pea that I’d read Cloud Atlas with her.  I finished that novel back in January, but she wants to read with me and this is the book she chose, so I’m going to pick it up again.  I’m looking forward to re-visiting this novel; I felt like there was a lot in there that I didn’t quite get to….

What are YOU reading?



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4 responses to “March Madness #11: The Last Book I Read

  1. I’m reading Stephen King’s The Stand, and it’s taking me forever because it’s dark (duh) and I need to ration that darkness so as not to dim the light. You know what I mean. 😉

  2. I read The Stand a bunch of years ago. It was not my favorite Stephen King novel, though I tend to steer away from his horror stories and gravitate toward his more complex (I think) stories about the ways in which people interact with each other. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of The Stand when you’re done.

    My favorite King story is probably The Green Mile. You’d like that one, I think.

  3. I am all over the place. Because I am writing an essay to submit on the Christian Racist in the 21st Century, my attention has been very review of literature focused. I am also reading a great deal on religion, race, and independent schools as I am drafting a paper for a conference in Maryland. My paper: Revisiting the Problem of the Twentieth Century: Will Evangelical and Faith-Based Schools Mend the Color Line in the Twenty First Century?

  4. mabnyc

    Since I got an iPhone and discovered that the greatest literature known to humankind is available for free on iBooks I’ve kept one actual book at home and one digital content book on my phone. Right now the former is “Equal Rites” by Terry Pratchett and the latter is “Les Miserables” by some French dude.

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