March Madness #13: Regrets

I never know how to answer this question.  I think of “regret” as being something gnawing; something that haunts you more than it leaves you alone.  If that’s the criteria, then I have no regrets.

There are, of course, a bunch of things I wish I’d thought through a little more carefully than I did.  I wish I hadn’t invited my biologicals to my wedding.  There are a number of incidents where I wish I’d stood up for myself, or stood up for myself more insistently than I did.  Of course, I regret every time I ever hurt someone, intentionally or not.

Big picture, though, I think I’m coming up on the plus side of things.  I don’t fear karma, and there’s not a whole lot in my past that dogs me.  I hope the same is true for you.


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One response to “March Madness #13: Regrets

  1. What is up with everybody hating on the regrets? Wayfarer was all dancing around oh, no no no, I don’t have regrets, I would never! I just wonder….it’s not a regret I just WONDER….

    What do you guys have against regrets for cripes sake? It’s like you think admitting to regret makes you a bad person or your life one gone wrong (not just the 2 of you, many, MANY people do exactly what you two have done in this prompt). My friend wrote a play that contains the phrase, “I like my anger, anger is USEFUL.” I think regrets are useful, too. If we learn from our mistakes then a little regret here and there is the voice in the back of our heads that reminds us, “Hey, let’s not do it that way again, it sucked and I WONDER what it would have been like to have done it differently and I’ll never know!”

    Go ahead and regret a little. No pain no gain.

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