March Madness #14: What’s on Your iPod?

Good Lord; THERE’S a question!

What’s on my iPod?  Nearly everything.

I have classical music (my most recent addition is the Bach cello concertos as performed by Yo Yo Ma (thanks, audi0phile07!).

I have airy-faerie, New Age music.

I have monks and nuns (both Eastern and Western) chanting.

I have music from every decade starting with the 30’s (no, really; the 30’s!  I downloaded stuff from the Andrews Sisters and Frank Sinatra for my old-lady aqua aerobics classes a few years back).

I have movie soundtracks; I have audio books; I have podcasts.

I have hard rock (AC/DC, Rush, Aerosmith), and I have quiet music.

I have The Muppets.  Seriously.  Manha, Manha comes up periodically.

I have Latin guitar music; I have folk music; I have Punk and indie-pop.

I’m trying to think of something I DON’T have on my iPod…



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4 responses to “March Madness #14: What’s on Your iPod?

  1. My iPod is dedicated to audiobooks to listen to when I knit.

  2. I don’t have an iPod. I know, right? 😉 Your taste in music is as eclectic as mine. I love that!

  3. Tom Sawyer is my favorite song by Rush. That said, I might be the only runner (person) who does not own an iPod.

    • I think Limelight is my favorite. A few years ago, in the late spring, I had that blasting through my little Golf’s speakers at teenage boy volume. I pulled up to a light next to a big-ass red dually pickup truck. I happened to glance over at the driver – who was probably about my age – through my passenger window (which was vibrating from the bass), and he gave me a thumbs up an mouthed “RUSH IS AWESOME.”

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