March Madness #15: 10 Things that Make Me Awesome

In no particular order:

1.  I parallel park like a boss.  First time, every time, either side of the street.

2.  I drive stick like a race car driver.

3.  I can sing a song that lists all of the helping verbs to the tune of jingle bells AND nearly the entire Schoolhouse Rock catalog.

4.  I make astonishingly yummy things in the kitchen.

5.  I am a true and dedicated friend.  I will get in my car in my pajamas at 2 am if someone I care about needs me.

6.  I am a good teacher.  I’m competent in my discipline, I know how to alter my delivery to different learning styles, and I care deeply (though some tell me “too deeply”) about my students.

7.  I am mom to three amazing teenage girls who are growing up to be women I deeply admire.

8.  I am socially conscious and am working hard (where I am and with what I have) at every opportunity to use the outlets at my disposal to advocate for justice, compassion, and equality.

9.  I write well.  The best compliment I was ever paid about my writing came from Michael.  We’d been blog buddies for a little more than a year when the opportunity to meet in person presented itself.  About 15 minutes into our lunch date, he looked at me and said, “I feel like we’ve been friends for years.  You write exactly like who you are.”

10.  I am a genuinely nice person.  I have possession of what seems to have become a very rare superpower; I understand and practice common courtesy.



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6 responses to “March Madness #15: 10 Things that Make Me Awesome

  1. mabnyc

    Just to clarify: you can’t really sing the Schoolhouse Rock catalog to the tune of “Jingle Bells”, right?

  2. Kwizgiver

    You are awesome!

  3. Donna

    Mrs. Chili, I knew when I began reading your blog you were a very caring person!!! What a good life!!

  4. Weird, I thought you only had two girls. Punkin and Beanie.

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