March Madness #16: What’s My Greatest Accomplishment?

I’m going to combine my posts for today.  My greatest accomplishment also happens to be one of the people I’m celebrating today.

My Bean turns 14 at about quarter past two this afternoon.


Bean in sheets



I count as my greatest accomplishment the loving, raising, and teaching of two beautiful daughters, and of having a hand in the same for the daughter of my heart.  All three of these young women are growing into adults that I am going to be proud to know, and I take no small amount of pride in knowing that the love and guidance I have given them is going to ripple out far through space and time.

Here’s Bean’s birthday love:

* My youngest daughter is wicked smart.  She continues to surprise me with her insight and observation, though by now I should be used to it.

* Bean is a fantastic friend.  She is compassionate, thoughtful, generous, and kind.

* Bean has a very wide emotional streak.  I sometimes worry that she feels things too acutely, but she’s figuring out how to manage that.

* Lest you think she’s perfect, my Bean is TERRIBLE at making plans, she’s forgetful, and she’s really kinda messy.

* I remember, the night before Bean was born, weeping over Punkin in her crib.  When my husband came in to ask me what was wrong, I told him that he’d better love the baby we were going to have, because I wasn’t convinced that I could ever love another being as much as I loved Punk. I was wrong. Bean expanded my heart and moved right in, and we have been in companionable intimacy ever since.

I love you, Beanie.  Here’s to another glorious year.



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2 responses to “March Madness #16: What’s My Greatest Accomplishment?

  1. Happy birthday, Bean! Many, many happy returns. 🙂

  2. Kwizgiver

    Happy birthday, Beanie!!! xo

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