March Madness #17: Your Blogging History

I started blogging in August of 2005.  I was inspired to start this habit by Kizz, who had, at that point, been blogging herself for about a year.

As to the why, well, I am a writer.  I’m not the kind who aspires to be the great American novelist, but I do feel almost a compulsion to put words on paper (or, in this case, in a post).

I really, really liked the idea of having a conversation of sorts with my readers; I am a collaborative person by nature, and the thought of being able to receive feedback and input from people all over the place really appealed to me.  Having this spot (and the others I maintain) has given me an opportunity to learn and think well beyond what I would have been able to achieve on my own, and that’s the main reason I keep it up.

I have made some really wonderful friends through this forum.  I’ve met some in real life and taken them to heart.  Others I’ve not, but they are still important voices in my chorus.  I am still, 8 years in, excited to see that someone’s commented on something I’ve written.  Thank you for your part in that.



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2 responses to “March Madness #17: Your Blogging History

  1. You’re part of my lunchtime reading today, Mrs Chili. I, for one, am certainly glad you blog. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Thanks for your support of my halting attempts to keep my own blog running. Your consistency with it is something that inspires me.

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