Ten Things Tuesday: March Madness #19: Five Blogs (plus 5)

There are a lot of blogs I read on a regular basis, but these are some of my favorites:

1.  The Professor.  This is my friend Eddie’s blog, and I read it for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that Eddie is incredibly smart, observant, and insightful.  I get to think when I read his blog, and I like that.

2.  Joe.My.God.  I go here mostly for heads-up on things that are happening in and around the LGBTQ community.  Joe posts a number of times a day, and I’ve been tipped off to some fast-breaking stories here.

3.  What if This is as Good as it Gets?  This is Kwizgiver’s blog.  She, too, posts a lot during the week, and I really like that her articles are often short, quick to read, and fun.

4.  My friend J, whom I met at a writers’ workshop a few summers ago, opened her blog not long after that week we spent together.  She posts about her travels, her family, her work (she’s a middle school teacher), and her observations on life and love and the Universe and everything.

5.  Kizzbeth is kind of my blog sponsor – she’s the one who inspired me to open my own site, and I continue to draw inspiration from her.  She’s written some stunningly insightful pieces in the course of her long and distinguished blogging career, and I hope she keeps it up.

6.  I don’t have a personal relationship with Ed from Gin and Tacos, but I kind of wish I did.  He’s smart, and some of the articles he writes help me to understand difficult things a little better.

7.  I REALLY wish I had a relationship with Jim at Stonekettle Station.  This guy seems like he’s right up my alley; he’s bold, forthright, and takes no prisoners.  I aspire to that kind of chutzpah.

8.  I really like the Obama Diaries.  Yes, it’s naked hero worship, but some of the photos that get posted there are just gorgeous, and I like the articles that often get linked there.

9.  Rob over at Waking Up Now is one of my heroes.  He writes mostly about GLBTQ issues, and he does it in a way that is clear, calm, and intellectually honest.  He’s the master (the MASTER, I tell you!) at dismantling the (often patently ridiculous) arguments against equality, and he’s my go-to guy for working through my own logical fallacies when I’m trying to make an argument.

10.  I don’t know if it counts as a blog, per se, but Dante over at Surviving the World is one of my favorite people.  He posts pictures of “lectures” he creates on his blackboard, and most of them are just brilliant.




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6 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday: March Madness #19: Five Blogs (plus 5)

  1. Thank your for the props. And my number one goal of late is to blog more. I think I am doing better. Cheers! to one of my two fav blogs. Oh, your other blog constitutes two.

    • I mean it, Man; you write about things that I rarely have occasion to think much about (at least, while I’m not teaching), and I love that you challenge me to keep the ideas of race and privilege in my mind.

  2. How honored I am that you listed me as one of your favorite blogs. You clearly were the inspiration for me to begin and I might say that it has definitely kept me writing nearly every day. Your blog is bookmarked at the top of my screen and each and every afternoon I click on it to connect with your wit, insight, passion, and keen observations. I also love catching up with all the stops on your life’s journey.

    You rock, Ms. Chili!

    • J, a am 100% certain that, did we live nearer, we would be very close. Your energy has spoken to me since the moment we met, and I’m often frustrated that I can’t spend time in your kitchen talking…

  3. New-to-me blogs to check out! 🙂 Happy Equinox, Mrs. Chili. 🙂

  4. When we have to start Blog AA I’ll be your sponsor, too. xo

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