Nearly Wordless Wednesday, March Madness #20: What do You Collect?

I have a thing for dragonflies.


I don’t collect them, per se, but they do seem to find their way into my life.  There are dragonflies all over Chez Chili, but you have to look to find them; you don’t walk in and think “Jeez, what’s up with this woman and the dragonflies, already?!”  In fact this – a gift from my longtime friend JKR-H – is the most out-in-the-open specimen in the house; it’s a metal sculpture situated in a place of honor in the middle of the kitchen wall.



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3 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday, March Madness #20: What do You Collect?

  1. Kwizgiver

    I like that your collection finds you. And the wall piece is lovely!

  2. I know several people who collect dragonflies in various forms. It’s interesting to me that, like you, the pieces sometimes find them. Good vibes. 😉
    The only thing I can claim to collect are angels. Mostly they’re ornaments for my Christmas tree, but I’ve been gifted with several Willow Tree angels, which I adore for their simplicity.

  3. L B

    Can’t say for sure but I seem to be collecting other people’s shit right now. It’s been a pattern and I’m finding a way out and it’s been a great learning curve of my own, being pissed and then finding my voice amongst it all. Spring, wood, growth, recognizing anger as we come out of hibernation. Yeah, have had that and then some tonight. It’s neen a rough month for both of us.

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