March Madness #25: Describe Your Location

Big picture, I’m here:


Specifically, I’m on the ground floor in a mid-sized contemporary Cape house.  I’m sitting at the far right end of  my kitchen  at a desk that was designed specifically to be my workstation.  The walls are a pale green and are littered with cards and magnets and images that I think are important.  Here’s what I see to my right: photo

and directly in front of me:

photo copy

Above my head are two cabinets that hold paper and electronica (cords and such).  To my left is the printer, a speaker system to connect to the computer, and some files.  Oh, and a window that faces north and two plants (which do well in north-facing windows).

As I look out that window, I see a back yard full of snow where patches of brown earth are slowly being revealed.  Water drips from the melting snow on the roof.  The only green I see is on the evergreens – a white pine and a cedar – in the yard; none of the deciduous trees have begun to leaf out yet.  I give them a few more weeks.

What’s it like where YOU are now?



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2 responses to “March Madness #25: Describe Your Location

  1. Nice way to bring it in to your immediate world. 🙂

  2. Kwizgiver

    Love this post. I should have added to my post that I live in the part of Maine that is most frequently cut off. 😦

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