March Madness #28: Guilty Pleasure

Leaving decadent food aside, I would have to say that my current guilty pleasure is Breaking Bad.


My sister gave me a six month subscription to Netflix for my birthday last year, and I’ve been using it to watch shows that I missed while they were on t.v.  I’d heard a lot of really great buzz about Breaking Bad – and it seemed like a show that would be right up my proverbial alley – so I queued it up.

It’s wonderful.  The characters are compelling, the plot is believable, and every four or five episodes, something happens that completely surprises me.

I’m mitigating the “guilty” of this pleasure by only watching on mobile devices while I’m on a piece of exercise equipment.  I’ve made it to the first episode of season 4; I’ll watch another today while I’m owning the elliptical machine at the gym at Local U.

Once I’ve worked my way through all of Breaking Bad, I’m moving on to The Walking Dead.  No spoilers, please!


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One response to “March Madness #28: Guilty Pleasure

  1. Before I moved to Albuquerque, I robo-watched every Breaking Bad episode there was over about a week’s time. It was, and still is, really fun to go around a corner here, and see a place that I clearly remember from the show. Garcia’s Kitchen is one of them…and the carwash!

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