March Madness #29: Favorite Time of Year

There are a lot of particular days during the year that I look forward to – holidays and vacations and such – but my favorite general time of year is late spring and all of summer.


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I really don’t like to be cold, and winter depresses me.  I enjoy fall for the color (and the food, and the football), but I feel most alive and most like myself when the weather starts to warm and the birds come back and the days are longer.

Spring hasn’t officially sprung here at Chez Chili just yet; it’s still colder than suits me and the peepers, my official marker of spring, haven’t started peeping yet.  I have hope that it’s coming, though; I’m seeing some trees start to tentatively bud and we’re able to eat dinner before it’s full dark.  Yesterday morning started to smell like spring – Bean even mentioned it when I picked her up yesterday from drama practice – so there’s a sign that spring really approaching, though I’ll feel like we’re really in it when the temperature is consistently higher than 5o°….


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  1. Kwizgiver

    We had two days with sunshine and I can’t get over the melting that’s gone on! Maybe we will have spring this year! 🙂

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