March Madness #30: Favorite Ice Cream

I really do like ice cream, though it’s not my MOST favorite thing EVER.  I’ve never, for example, sat down and demolished a whole pint in one sitting, but I do heartily enjoy ice cream once in a while.

I don’t have a single, overriding favorite flavor.  Our local grocery store chain makes a really good chocolate peanut butter flavor – chocolate ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirls and little chocolate stars filled with peanut butter – which I like very much.  The very-local ice cream shack has a watermelon sherbet that I really like – it’s light and sweet and just a little tangy – and the slightly-less-local ice cream outfit in Quaint Port City makes a triple chocolate that I crave at least once a summer – the chocolate ice cream is so chocolate it’s practically black, and the scoops are studded with chocolate and fudge chunks.  It really is decadence on a cone.

Our ice cream shacks should be opening up any day now; that’s one of our harbingers of spring (though, being native New Englanders, we really do eat ice cream year-round, but the shacks only open when the weather breaks).


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