March Madness #31: The End

The prompt for today is to post another self-portrait and to say what I liked best about the challenge.

I’m going to resist a little because I don’t want to post another picture of myself.  I DID like having a prompt every day, though; I’ve been feeling a little scattered lately, and having a topic picked out every day was really helpful in keeping me on track here.

I’m thinking I might try to keep this sort of thing up – maybe spend some time each weekend thinking of prompts that I can use on days when I don’t think I have anything much to say.  I know that Ellen is running another challenge over at her blog having to do with the alphabet; I may steal some of her ideas (and there’s always Kwizgiver‘s prompts; she’s saved my blog bacon on more than one occasion).

So, it’s been fun.  Thanks for playing along with me.  On to April!!


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One response to “March Madness #31: The End

  1. It’s been fun to read all your posts. Also, I can’t believe March is over! What?! 😉

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