Ten Things Tuesday

I have this curse.

I fall in love with something – usually a health and beauty aid product, but other things, too – and invariably, it becomes unavailable.  Either my stores stop carrying it or it’s discontinued by the manufacturer.  Either way, it blows.

1.  I used to LOVE Zantonio’s bruchetta.  Light and fresh and astonishingly yummy, I’d use it as a topping for mushroom ravioli.  My local market stopped carrying it, but the bigger market up town still had it for a while… then THEY stopped carrying it.  I ended up calling the company that makes the stuff and the owner assured me that they ARE still in business (I got to talk to the actual owner!), but that none of the markets in my area are carrying it anymore.  Pisses me off.

2.  Almay used to make something they called Stay Smooth Anti-Chap Lip Color.  I liked the “glow” shade.  It was sort of a cross between lipstick and lip balm, and that particular shade was PERFECT for me.  I’ve tried everywhere I can think to try to buy it as a discontinued item, but I can’t find it anywhere.  I’m down to the last half inch on both of the tubes I bought when I discovered it.

3.  Bath and Body Works pisses me off.  They rotate through their scents faster than is reasonable, and they discontinued my favorite perfume, Crystal Blue Waters, a few years ago.  Fortunately, I was tipped off that it was on the chopping block and I stocked up, but I’m starting to run out.  Bastids.

4.  There was a make-up company called Apt. 5 that made shades that were perfect for my hard-to-flatter skin and hair tones.  I was especially fond of their bronzer and lip gloss.  As with Bath and Body Works, I was tipped off that they were shutting down and I stocked up.

5.  My market has stopped carrying our favorite frozen pizzas.  They’re still available in the bigger stores up town, but still…

6.  I’m sure this is the nostalgia talking, but Lipton used to make a mug-o-lunch (or something like that) that I loved.  You’d empty a packet into a cup and pour boiling water over and voilla!  Lunch.  My favorite flavor was the tomato noodle.

7.  I used to be able to get Kraft macaroni and cheese cheese in a shaky bottle, much like parmesan cheese comes.  I can’t find that anymore, and I wish that I could.

8.  Land’s End stopped making my favorite sandals.  I think this is my last year with the last pair I bought before I couldn’t order them anymore.

9.  While I can technically still get these, the Jiffy mixes of devil’s food cake and fudge frosting aren’t being carried anywhere within 100 miles of my home.  My husband has a way of mixing these two to get a pudding cake sort of thing that’s just yummy, but one literally can’t obtain these mixes in our entire region.  I figured out a few years ago, however, that I can call Jiffy in Michigan and they’ll send me cases of the stuff, so I’m not sure this counts.

10.  I’m not sure this counts, either, but none of my local supermarkets is carrying Willow Tree chicken salad anymore.  That’s fine, though; the stuff was wicked expensive, and I figured out how to recreate the recipe at home.  I actually think mine tastes better, so there.



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13 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. #7 does not sound good. I will admit that I have become a macaroni snob in prefer lobster bits in mine.

  2. Kwizgiver

    Oh, I should make my own list of disco’d items!

  3. There’s a website from which you can order food items that are hard to find – like your Jiffy mixes – without having to order it by the case. It’s called Hometown Favorites. Great fun to browse! 🙂

  4. nhfalcon

    Long before the hard iced teas and hard lemonades that are now all the rage hit it big, Bowyer introduced me One-eyed Jack hard lemonade. Fantastic stuff. Loved it instantly. Can’t find it anywhere now. I doubt it even exists anymore… 😦

  5. Eclipse mints. The gum is everywhere but the mints have practically vanished. I can still find them occasionally (there’s a gas station in Hauppauge that has them) and I tend to stock up when I see them. But the remaining supplies are down to winterfrost (okay) and peppermint (not good). My favorite, cinnamon, has been gone for years now and my second favorite, spearmint, is virtually impossible to find now too.

  6. I have the same frustration with Bath and Body Works. They dc’d my favorite scent and then each favorite scent after that one.

  7. We sell the dehydrated powdered cheddar cheese. Is there a warehouse type market somewhere around you? Also I can send you a package. We have customers who send stuff to the states product they can’t get there, like Wunderbar chocolate bars.

  8. Ellen, that’s okay – the Jiffy mixes are actually something we don’t mind buying by the case (and since it’s one box each of cake and frosting mix for the recipe, we never end up with odd boxes floating around).

    Falcon, I don’t mind when I find something comparable to the product that’s been discontinued. Does Mike’s come close enough for you?

    MAB, I do that, too; when I DO find something I like that I know I can’t easily get, I’ll hoard the stuff. I’ll keep an eye out up here for your mints.

    Jules, I stopped going into B&BW for just that reason. I don’t want to fall in love with another of their products only to have them discontinue it on me.

    Glen, I have found a place to get powdered cheddar cheese (I buy my vanilla in bulk from them, too – http://www.atlanticspice.com/ – they’re actually kind of awesome). It’s not neon orange, but it does the trick. Also, yes; that’s the stuff, but the color I want is #12, “Glow.” I can’t find it anywhere.

    • nhfalcon

      Mike’s is ok, but I did like One-eyed Jack better. I’m not sure how to explain it. OeJ had more zing, more tang, more kick to it? Mike’s is a bit bland by comparison, imho.

  9. Have you tried surfing http://www.makeupalley.com for your almay lip color? They have a pretty active board–perhaps you’ll be able to find it there.

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