Quick Hit: Annie, Jr.

Bean’s middle school drama club put on a presentation of Annie, Jr. for their play this year.  We went to the show tonight.


It was very good, despite the fact that nearly the entire principle cast is coming down with a cold that has as a component a touch of laryngitis (of course!).  Annie had to squeak out her songs and significantly lower her register (something that, as an untrained singer, she was ill-prepared to do), Daddy Warbucks lost his voice in the middle of “NYC,” and the guy who plays the radio host (I forget the character’s name) was pretty much useless, poor kid.  Regardless, the cast was enthusiastic, the set was gorgeous, and everyone – including us, had a wonderful time.

Bean was cast as a member of the orphan ensemble, and she was a little firecracker of energy.  It was a delight to watch her jump on orphanage beds singing “Hard Knock Life” and execute some spunky dance moves in “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.”  She had a wonderful time in the lead-up to the performances, and I do believe she’s well and truly caught the acting bug (which, it should be said, is different from the “drama bug,” which is what the cast is calling the cold that everyone’s sharing.  Oh, and she’s caught that, too.  Good thing the last performance is tomorrow!).

She’s also been chosen to be a member of the orphan ensemble in the summer theatre in the park’s production of Annie.  I’ve yet to find out what that will entail, but she’s hot to do it, so of course I’m going to support her in any way I can.




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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Annie, Jr.

  1. Kwizgiver

    Oh, that’s so much fun! Go Bean!

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