Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Random Things:

1.  I MUST get started on the paper for my grad class.

2.  Fresh strawberries started showing up at my market the other day.  I’ve been enjoying them sliced over a hunk of angel food cake for a reasonably guilt-free dessert.

3.  Toeses turns 20 this month.  I don’t remember the exact day they were born (and, dammit, the date mark on the camera we used to take pictures of the kittens wasn’t on), but I do remember they were born in April.

4.  Apparently, some nut went to a college campus in Texas and managed to stab 14 people this afternoon.  All 14 of them are expected to live.  If he had had a gun, we’d be telling a very different story.  Why can’t gun rights nuts get that into their heads?

5.  I finished season 4 of Breaking Bad on the elliptical this morning.  I understand there’s another season, but it’s not on Netflix.  I’ll see what I can do about finding season 5 somewhere else but, to be totally honest, season 4’s conclusion was pretty damned satisfying.

6.  I somehow managed to not watch a single episode of this season’s Justified.  I’ll go to Amazon later to pre-order the season when it comes out and probably do the marathon thing I did with Sons of Anarchy last summer.

7.  Punk leaves for a week in the UK next Thursday.  I think I’m less nervous about that than I would otherwise be because we have family in England who are already planning on seeing her when she’s in their town (and my nephew has procured a cell phone for her that will work there).

8.  Our favorite ice cream shack has reopened.  It’s been too cold for us to go there yet, though.  Also?  I haven’t yet heard peepers in my neighborhood; it’s not officially spring until I’ve heard my first peeper.

9.  Eddie is coming to my neighborhood to run the Boston Marathon on Monday.  My dearest wish is that we can make our schedules coordinate long enough to share a meal (I’m hoping for carbo-loading at the Cheesecake Factory…).

10.  I tend to dismiss a lot of the airy-faerie shit I hear about, but I woke from a nap on Sunday with the strongest impression of having spent that time with Gramma Charlene.  It was lovely, and the feeling of love and contentment I was left with continues to linger.


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  1. FYI re: Breaking Bad. The 5th season is the last and it’s broken up into 2 parts (which is stupid but whatever). The first part aired last year and the second part is airing quite soon.

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