Friday F**k You

Alternately titled; What Ever Happened to Professional Courtesy?*

A few months ago, I applied to be a long-term sub at a local school.  I didn’t get the gig (it went to the intern working under the teacher who was leaving, which makes perfect sense to me), but after I got word that I’d been passed over, I sent a polite, professional email to the department head asking for feedback about my interview.  When I didn’t hear anything back from her (which seemed incongruous, given the impression she gave me when we met), I re-sent the email (with a preface saying I wasn’t sure it sent correctly the first time, to let her save face).  I have yet to hear a peep back.

Then, a few weeks ago, I caught wind of a job opening at a different nearby school district.  I put together a packet of all the things the posting asked for, crafted a solid cover letter, put everything in a professional folder, put that in a nice envelope, put on some nice clothes, and drove the packet to the district office.  That afternoon, I followed up on the delivery with a short, polite note to the principal of the school in question, introducing myself, directing him to my website, and making myself available at his convenience to meet or talk on the phone.

Here’s what I want to know; just how fucking hard is it to hit “reply” and send back a quick “thank you for your interest in our school; I look forward to reading your resume” note?  Not that hard, one would think, but I’ve gotten precisely bupkis from this guy.  Nothing.  Are you old enough to remember getting post card confirmations that your resume had been received by personnel offices?  Yeah; that doesn’t happen anymore, either.

Flapping in the breeze is a very uncomfortable feeling.  I get that the market is flooded, and I get that employers can afford to be dismissive and impolite to job seekers, but that doesn’t make it right.  At the very least, let us know that our resumes got to someone’s desk and please, if someone sends you a personal email, do them the basic courtesy of a brief reply.  So many of us are putting our hearts out on the block for impossibly long stretches of time; don’t further demoralize us by ignoring our communications and pretending we don’t exist.

*this is reposted from Teacher’s Education; you’re not seeing double.



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4 responses to “Friday F**k You

  1. How frustrating! Whenever I asked for feedback on internal applications at the company for which I used to work, I was given the big brush off, too. I wish people would show common decency toward each other.

  2. Anonymous

    Unfortunately this is the new ‘norm’. The professional courtesy has almost disappeared along with thank you notes, manners in general, and professional dress/behavior.

  3. Just as anonymous said, this is a norm. And it isn’t so much ill manners as it is overwhelm. More than likely, you were one of nearly two hundred applicants. I would estimate, for the close to one thousand (!!) jobs I’ve applied to over the past five years, I may have received some kind of acknowledgment from 2%.

  4. Welcome to the new norm, like your other readers said. Last month, I applied for a new position at the major health system in my city. I got the job (yay!), but it took almost 3 weeks for the first callback, and has taken another month to go through the interview process. Now, I am in the on-boarding (when did that become a word?) process, which takes another two to three weeks. I just want to get the hell out of my old job, and remember the “good old days” when I and my RN license would show up at the HR office of any given facility and I’d be working the next day. Not any more. Good luck to you!

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