Quick Hit: Dinner

I headed down to my old hometown tonight to have dinner with Eddie and his lovely bride.  He’s in Boston* to run the Marathon (and yes, that is a proper noun) on Monday, and we managed to coordinate our schedules sufficiently to meet for a few hours over a fantastic dinner at an Italian restaurant situated in the shadow of the ice rink where I learned to skate as a little girl.

I desperately wish that Eddie and I lived closer; I really enjoy his company and I LOVE the conversations we have when we’re together.  I think, perhaps, we need to set up a monthly Skype date; I like how I feel after I’ve spent some time with him.


* Two things – one; Mr. Chili was also at this dinner; he’s in Boston for instrument testing (he’s shooting protons at a toy they’re going to launch into space) and was able to connect with Eddie so they could carpool together.  I feel better for having seen him today.

Two; watch this space; I’ll be posting updates of Eddie’s Marathon run all day on Monday.


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