Quick Hit: DC, Day 1

We left Dudley this morning and made our way to our hotel in Alexandria.  We’ll only be here for tonight; Mr. Chili found an apartment that we’ll move into tomorrow afternoon.

After we left off our luggage, we hopped on the Metro and made our way into DC.  We were pretty hungry, so we headed to the National Gallery of Art, which has a very nice cafeteria.  After lunch, we split up – Mr. Chili and Bean headed for the modern art exhibits while Sweet Pea and I made our way to the main building and the classical art.  The most memorable pieces I saw were some lovely Monet paintings,


Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais,


and a casting of the memorial for the Massachusetts 54th Regiment,


which holds a special place in my heart.  Oh, and there were some lovely presidential portraits, too, though I’m hoping to get to the National Portrait Gallery later this week.

I love DC.  I’m very glad we’re here.


*In other news, we’ve heard from Punkin’ Pie.  She landed safely in England, got to do a little visiting with the British branch of our family while she was in Oxford, and is now in Edinburgh with students from the Trinity School, which is our school’s exchange partner.  All accounts are that she’s having a wonderful time.


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  1. I just spent a few days in DC. The museums are great. (I think the Museum of Natural History was my favorite.) I did a ton of walking (5 hours from Union Square to the Lincoln Memorial and back, with a stop at one of the museums on the way!). Most of all, I loved the fact that I could finally wear short-sleeved shirts!


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