Quick Hit: Seeing Results


Several years ago, I lamented that I couldn’t fit into half of my summer clothes.  It’s still a few weeks before I execute the Great Clothes Switch, but I’m stating here now with a high degree of confidence that not only am I going to fit into those things that I couldn’t get into two years ago, but I’m going to have to keep packed a number of items because they’ll be too big….





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6 responses to “Quick Hit: Seeing Results

  1. Yay! It’s always so nice when you can finally see (and feel) the results of hard work.

  2. Benesh McGrath Darci

    That is such a great feeling….

  3. Jen

    Wow, congratulations. That’s a great achievement!

  4. Sweet! That’s awesome stuff, Mrs. Chili. 🙂

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