Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I don’t know ANYTHING about:

1.  I have no idea how most mechanical things work.  That we can twist a key and cars run is a fucking miracle every time.

2.  I do not understand how insurance companies figure out their business.

3.  I will never understand how a provision for a bridge (or guns, or any other completely unrelated thing) can be attached to a bill for water, or for food assistance.

4.  Even though it’s been explained to me many times – and I think I mostly get it – the fact that we can hurl thousands of tons of metal into the air and have a reasonable expectation of its staying there (and coming down safely) is a wonder.  In this, Mr. Weasley and I are one.

5.  I will likely never understand what my husband does at work all day.  Along these lines, I have no idea what any of the things in his lab are for (except the coffee maker; that I get).5x02-The-Infestation-Hypothesis-the-big-bang-theory-25621437-1280-720

image credit

6.  I will never understand traffic jams.  I don’t feel so bad about this, though; I remember seeing a PBS special about a bunch of chaos mathematics PhDs trying to figure it out, and they couldn’t do it, either.

7.  I do not understand addiction, or the impulse to self-harm.  I have such great respect for the kind and learned people who counsel those who struggle with these things.

8.  Along those same lines, I will never understand how people can actively work against their own interests, particularly in political matters, though I completely understand the motivations of those who convince them to do so.

9.  I do not understand how more guns can possibly make us safer, or the perfectly ludicrous assertion that “an armed society is a polite society.”  No, it isn’t; an armed society is a frightened society.  I respect you because of our common humanity, not because I’m afraid you’ll hurt me if I don’t.

10.  I really don’t understand electricity, or why we haven’t figured out how to move past fossil fuels yet (but I am oh so glad we don’t have flying cars….).

What stumps you?



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    I don’t understand any of the things on your list, either. We are good company.

  2. I don’t understand any of the things on your list,either. I did read addition instead of addiction and for a minute or 2 before my brain caught up thought “really Mrs Chili addition?” =)

  3. Kwizgiver, you can come sit by me.

    Needs, no; I’ve got addition figured out. Multiplication sometimes stymies me, and forget conversions, but I can add.

  4. Those pretty much sum it up for me, too, Mrs. Chili. 🙂

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