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Quick Hit: Patience

There should be a policy against second interviews on a Friday. This weekend is likely going to suck.

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Birthday Love, Part II

Today is also the day that we celebrate the existence of Bruder (being that he’s Mr. Chili’s twin and all, they share the same birthday).

• Bruder is riotously funny.  Sometimes I’m struck by the kind of quiet, matter-of-fact hilarity of him.


• Bruder is wicked smaht.  We joke that he’s a rocket scientist (he really is; that’s what his degrees are in, but he’s working mostly as a software engineer and analyst now).  He, like his brother, doesn’t like to be praised for his intelligence, but he’s got a lot of it, nevertheless.

• Bruder is adventurous.  He’s a horseback rider (he loves his animals), he goes on diving trips to far-away places, and he’s always willing to suit up and go snow-tubing when he visits for Christmas.

• Bruder is into fitness (though I wonder if that’s something that he’s eased off of lately).  He had a terrible accident about 20 years ago that nearly killed him (and left him with some significant rehab to do).  I think that’s part of what inspired him to run Iron Man events and marathons; he wanted to know that he could reclaim his body, and he totally did.  I’m hoping I can get him to run with me when we spend our week at the lake…

• Bruder loves with his whole being.  We only get to see him twice a year (three times if we’re really lucky), but that doesn’t matter a bit; he just falls right in and it feels like he’s always around.  The girls (especially Bean) have always adored him – and he them – and it thrills me to see that his ease with them as babies hasn’t worn off as they’ve grown into teenagers; he still throws them around and gives them a hard time and cuddles with them on the couch when they seek him out.

I adore my twin brother-in-law.  In fact, the only thing I don’t like about him is where he lives; I want him closer.

Happy birthday, Bruder.  Thanks for loving me.

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Birthday Love

Mr. Chili celebrates another trip around the sun today!

Mr. Chili, last year, enjoying a Bavarian cream donut….

• My husband is incredibly funny, but sometimes I’m the only one who gets the joke.  I dig that about us.

• My husband is energetic and competitive.  He’s recently taken up racquetball again (thanks, Josh!) and is on the pickup softball team at work, so he’s got an outlet.

• My husband is a better father than even I was expecting (and I was expecting a lot).

• My husband is gentle and compassionate.  I love that, sometimes, that manifests itself as rage against injustice and blatant rudeness.

• My husband knows when he’s got it good.  He’s a man who understands what it means to be content.

I am grateful, every day, for Mr. Chili’s presence in my life.


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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

teacher nice personI’ve never watched this show.  Something tells me I should.



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Quick Hit: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’ve pulled off the internet lately.


calvin repeat morning

This is usually the form that my anxiety dreams take.  I can get ready 5 times before the alarm actually rings.

2.  anyone can slay a dragonSometimes, loving the world in spite of all of it is an act of stubborn will.


3.  be wrong not do wrongToo many people do not understand this.  We need to work on that.


4.don't look back

I’m working on practicing this.  My tendency is to look back, just to be sure I’m not walking away from something that can be salvaged.



kindness is free

The way some people behave, you’d think that being kind is actually painful.


6.  little bit of good

Desmond Tutu is one of my heroes.

7.  procrastination

I actually stole this off of someone’s pinterest board to remind me that it IS okay, every now and then, to have a do-nothing day.  I think it’s about time I scheduled one; it’s been a while…


8.  shocked by what I say

One thing that people can say about me is that I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.  That doesn’t always work in my favor, but there it is.


9.  teacher's job

Things that are true.


10.  work ethicMy work ethic.


Happy Tuesday, All!

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Memorial Monday

This is how I honor the fallen:

I teach young people to think critically, to solve problems collaboratively, to be champions for social justice, and to be morally and constitutionally opposed to violent conflict resolution.  I promote education everywhere and in any way I can.

I do everything I can to promote generosity, compassion, justice, and kindness in my own sphere.

I’m raising children who are critical thinkers, who are unafraid to show others decency and understanding, and to whom war is unacceptable.

I’m participatory in my political system.  I read.  I listen.  I pay attention.  I advocate for and support the causes that have at their core a humanist and compassionate mission.

I yearn for a time in our future when armed conflict will be not only unacceptable, but unnecessary.  I am not so naive as to believe that such a thing will happen in my lifetime (in fact, it often feels as though we’re heading gleefully in the opposite direction of that goal), but I am hopeful that, with education and compassion, we’ll someday figure out that we are inextricably connected to one another and dependent on each other for our mutual survival and comfort.  I’m doing what I can in this life to promote those ideals; I know it’s not enough, but it’s all I’ve got.


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