Art Imitating Life

A facebook friend linked this to my page this afternoon.

Go and read it; you’ll need to see what it’s about before any of what follows will make any sense.

Done?  Good.  So, what did you think?  Because I?  I totally believed EVERY word.

I am not proud of the fact that I didn’t double-check the sources (I’m actually pretty good about verifying stuff, but I clearly NEED to get better at it), but I think I deserve a little bit of slack in this case.  I mean, really; coming from a guy who talked, on camera, about his “Southern boys” and the “War of Northern Aggression,” does the kind of rhetoric in the junk piece seem that far afield?  I didn’t think so when I read it.

Add to that the fact that I was involved in a conversation, on another site, with a pair of guys (I won’t call them gentlemen) who, after calling me names (it began with a reference to “you people” – ostensibly meaning liberals or gun-control advocates; they weren’t really clear – and devolved into a whole “fuck you… more guns!” mess – and yes, that’s pretty much a direct quote), proceeded to claim that, yes, in fact, an armed rebellion against the government of the United States of America IS imminent and woe be unto me because, as a pussy liberal who despises guns, I’m going to be “caught in the middle.”

My pointing out to them that never, in the history of the United States, has ANY power been able to overthrow the government was conspicuously ignored, of course.

Now I ask you; is it really such a great leap to go from that to “putting the coloreds back in their place”?  I think not.

How do we, as thinking, rational, compassionate, and respectful citizens even BEGIN to start a conversation with people who genuinely believe that they need to stockpile guns because the black president is conspiring to take them away, that people who advocate for common sense laws and restrictions are threatening their very lives, and that people like me deserve to meet some violent end in the crossfire?


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One response to “Art Imitating Life

  1. How?
    1. We need to be certain we really are compassionate and respectful. (Thinking is a given, unless you’re brain dead. Rational is subjective.)
    2. We might consider our context before the conversation begins. If we’re in it to win it, to be right, or to change the other person’s beliefs, then we have set ourselves up for a fight. If we go in solely to state our beliefs in a compassionate and respectful manner, and are prepared to hear others’ alternate beliefs, we have set ourselves up for a conversation.

    Here’s the thing, Mrs. Chili: There is no compassion and respect in a context of “my way is the only way and your way is, therefore, wrong,” no matter how much rational thought may be behind it.
    I was equally challenged, a couple days ago, to consider how compassionate and respectful I really am when it comes to my beliefs – and those of others – by this:

    Peace. xo

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