Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I had to buy new jeans today; my 10s don’t fit anymore.

Go, Me!



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9 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Go you, indeed! Congratulations!!

    • Join me for a run on our family vacation.

      • Are you CRAZY?! You go for “easy” 20 mile runs, Dude! I can BARELY make it through the whole two minutes and forty seconds of Huey Lewis’s Working for a Living! You may consider me your intellectual peer (though I take leave to question even THAT), but you ran the freaking BOSTON MARATHON with an average of something like 7-minute miles; I’m excited when I average 12. I’m here to tell you that I am NO WHERE NEAR your league in running shoes…

  2. Are you going down a size or up a size? If down, congratulations and if the other, shame on you! Hugs Roz

  3. Tell the hubby to watch out! Oh, I am so frustrated with that 7 min pace. So SLOW. But this post is about you. Smile!

  4. Terry

    (Ouch–I just had to point out, or, I guess I mean, ask–why would going up a size be “shameful”? People do go up as well as down sizes for many, many reasons…)

  5. Way to go! You’re obviously on the right track.

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