Quick Hit: Mother’s Day

I was surprised today to come home from yoga class and find that my family had arranged a Mother’s Day celebration for me.

For me, Mother’s Day is one of those holidays; I understand the point of it, and I appreciate the sentiment, but I always felt like it was a bit forced.  The whole “Hallmark holiday” feel never really sat well with me, and though I brought my chosen mother and grandmother flowers every year on this day, that was about the extent of my acknowledgement of the holiday.  Given that attitude, I was never disappointed when a big deal wasn’t made in my household, either; a handmade card and an extra hug were always more than sufficient unto the day.

Today, though, I got a present!  My family noticed that the blender has been getting some regular use (the carafe for the thing is often in the dish drainer lately), so my husband got me one of these:


image credit

He says they’re reviewed very favorably, they’re much easier to clean than the blender, it’s easier to portion out a single serving in the cups that come with the thing than in the blender (even on really good days, I often end up with a serving and a half from the blender), AND it came with four cups, one for each of us – PERFECT!

Guess what we had for breakfast!


*Also?  I miss my mom and grandma.  Another reason I kind of dislike Mother’s Day is that it reminds me, in a kind of in-your-face way, that I’m a motherless daughter.  Blah.


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One response to “Quick Hit: Mother’s Day

  1. rantingwoman

    I miss mine too. It is even harder since my own kids moved to another state 4 hours away.

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