Frenetic Friday

I’ve got a full plate today, You Guys. I have to get my car inspected and have her oil changed (she’s registered under Mr. Chili’s birthday; I’m not sure why), then I have to go to Quaint Coastal City to pick up a DVD I ordered (I somehow managed to lose my copy of Remember the Titans, and there’s nothing that’s acceptable about that. There’s a local outfit that is an embarrassment of used media riches, but they didn’t have the title in stock when I was there the other day. They ordered it for me and it came in yesterday).

Once, that’s done, I come home, shower and change, then dismiss the girls early so we can drive to Boston to see Auntie graduate with her Master’s in social work. Words cannot express how proud I am of my sister; she had a goal, she saw what she had to do to reach it, and she did it.

It’s going to be a ridiculously busy day, but it’ll be a happy one!


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Filed under admiration, family matters, Home and Family, my oh-so-exciting life, road trip!

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