Quick Hit: Busy

Today was a busy one.

I started with my usual Sunday routine of an hour on an elliptical machine prior to teaching my weekly yoga class. After that, I zipped home, took a shower, and donned medieval garb to attend the state Renn Faire that Bowyer organized for the first time this year. I gather, from his reports, that it was a complete and total success, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

I had hopped to spend some time celebrating Auntie this weekend – she graduated on Friday and while I was able to make her commencement, we couldn’t go back to her place for pizza because Bean had a trip to NYC to see Annie on Broadway with her middle school drama club and had to be at the bus at FOUR-FRICKIN-FIFTEEN the next morning – but that didn’t happen. I’m blaming that on Bean again, though; she had her first rehearsal for this summer’s theatre-in-the-park production of Annie tonight (she’s an ensemble orphan in the play – that’s the role she had in her middle school play this spring, too).

I’m finally home, it’s 8:30, and I’m wrecked. I’m going to bed. I’ll try again tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Busy

  1. Hey…Mary from Verycontrary here…I saw you followed my blog and wanted to take the chance to say Hi! I actually, finally moved to NH! I don’t blog anymore, but if you Facebook, send me a friend request if you’d like! (I would send you one, but I don’t know your actual name)

  2. CONTRARY! I just sent you a fb request – accept me!!

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