Quick Hit: Politics

I’m seeing a lot of people calling for a suspension of political discussion around the Oklahoma tornado.

While I understand and respect the sentiment, I don’t necessarily agree with it. Politics is responsible for a lot of the complications we face during disasters like this. “Representatives” vote to decimate (if not outright eliminate) relief programs. Politicians and others continue to deny climate change and to subsidize and support mechanisms and practices that continue to put the planet at risk. The people we rely on to help us through these kinds of nightmares are vilified as union “takers” and are not respected as the professionals they are. Systems that value short-term profit over long-term sustainability are a big part of why we’re in these messes in the first place.

I don’t agree with sensationalizing others’ misfortune, but let’s stop kidding ourselves that we had nothing to do with it.



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2 responses to “Quick Hit: Politics

  1. Kristi Greene

    While I don’t wholly disagree with you, I can say that as someone who lives about 5 miles from Moore, OK, politics are the last thing on my mind. Not in an antaganonistic sort of way, mind you, but in a way that says “I’m thankful that me and mine are safe. Now how can I be of help immediately?” I figure that right now I can lay off the personal politicking and instead open my hands and my wallet for my neighbors.

    And generally I’m a liberal, but in the moment of disaster, I want to help with immediacy, not talk about politics.

    • Kristi, I ABSOLUTELY agree that the immediate response should be “how can I help?” – and then DOING that thing, whether it’s making a donation or actually getting in there (if one is local enough) and offering the use of one’s hands.

      What I’m objecting to is the call from a lot of people that politics shouldn’t have ANY place in discussions about disasters. My thinking is that if politics plays a part in those disasters – in the form of policies and procedures that facilitate the disaster, or the failure of infrastructure or the demonization (or incapacitation through refusal for funding) of those whose job it is to help people through these kinds of messes that makes the outcome worse than it would otherwise have been – then I think that politics SHOULD be a part of the discussion.

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