Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things on my to-do list.

1.  Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to Red Cross disaster relief.  You should do that, too.  Right now.  (if you want options, I’ve got them: STORM to 80888 gets $10 for The Salvation Army USA;  FOOD to 32333 is for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  Each text charges $10 to your phone bill.  Kizz also suggested donating to Team Rubicon; you can do that here.)

2.  Renew my Red Cross CPR certification.  My appointment for the challenge test is tomorrow (and, no; this wasn’t inspired by yesterday’s disaster in Oklahoma.  My certification expired a few months ago and I have to have current credentials to work in the gyms).

3.  Meet with the events coordinator at a function hall at Local U. to plan Punk’s big 16th birthday celebration.

4.  Sub a yoga class tomorrow night and Thursday night.  I can’t forget…

5.  Go grocery shopping.  I need to remember to add frozen fruit and some yogurt to my list; we’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately.

6.  Celebrate Sweet Pea’s birthday.  I’m working REALLY hard to not relive the nightmare that was my life this time last year (and to not renew my disdain and anger at the people who participated in making it a nightmare; I’ve been making good progress at letting that whole mess go) and instead am focusing on the fact that my chosen daughter is whole and healthy.

7.  Write a recommendation letter.  Mike is applying for a job and has asked me to write him a letter.  This is something that I am singularly delighted to do.

8.  Exercise.  Yeah, well, that’s always on my agenda.

9.  Water the plants.  This is actually about a half hour job; I have a lot of house plants, and some of them are starting to look a little thirsty.

10.  Sign Bean up for camp.  I have to sit down with her and the calendar to make sure that she can actually do camp this year; she’s been cast as an ensemble orphan in the theatre-in-the-park’s production of Annie this summer, and I want to be certain that we’re not overloading her schedule.
What are YOU up to today?



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kristi Greene

    I made plans to get a quote on a storm shelter. The two businesses I called about that are backed up though, so we might be without one longer than I’d like.

    And as a transplanted Oklahoma girl, thank you for your donation.

  2. I’m on a bit of a tear. I traced an IP that tried to hack my main site to a company in Dallas. I called them and spoke to two people. I used their site’s contact form to lodge a complaint. I Tweeted them. Finally, I sent an email to their “abuse” department. I’m being proactive, not reactive. I think that’s a lot more powerful. 😉
    Also, I’m busting my ass to get enrolled in a program that will earn me an associates degree in holistic nutrition and counseling before I turn 50. The program starts June 24, is full-time for two years, and is online through a fully accredited school. Waiting on funding approval, which I’m most definitely eligible for. Practicing patience, and yet on tenterhooks.

  3. I continued to organize our summer camp program. That’s about it well that and worried about a pal that lives in Texas who posted on fb that a tornado was in her area. She is okay though!

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